«Pencil Vs Camera»

«Pencil Vs Camera» / «Pencil against Chambers" is a series of works by the famous Belgian photographer, artist and illustrator Ben Heine (Ben Heine).

Ben lit up the idea to take a photo with a sketch, made on a piece of paper in the usual pencil and fits into the overall composition.

Background: Ben Heine was born in East Africa, but now lives and works in Brussels. At the time, Heine became the owner of an advanced degree in journalism. Moreover, Ben is known as a political cartoonist, so he creates illustrations on all sorts of topics from cartoons to digital creations familiar painting.

This photo was the first one that started the project "Pencil vs. Camera". It is made during walk. ¼ scene is presented in the paper, the rest of this photograph.

This building - Atomium (Atomium). Built for the World Expo 1958 model of a molecule of iron magnified 165 billion times - one of the attractions of Brussels. Take the elevator to a height of 122 meters, and you'll discover a panoramic view of Brussels. This photo was taken in winter, and processed in April.

Legendary historical tram №28. Lisbon, Portugal. Old yellow van sample of 1898 inhabitants of Lisbon called him "Dog house" with incredible rattling rides through the narrow streets, which fits only one tram track. The streets are so narrow that sometimes the driver has to stop the tram car and request to close a window or to remove the hanging clothes, because the car can not pass. On the spot has been drawn sketch and made a photo.

And this is the Palace of Fine Arts (Palais des Beaux Arts »), France, Lille. On a piece of paper depicts the artist's favorite paintings: "Third May 1808» / «The Third of May 1808" by Francisco Goya, "The Birth of Venus» / «The Birth of Venus» Sandro Botticelli, "The Gleaners» / «The Gleaners» Jean Francois Millet . Big eye in the center of the composition is added on purpose. According to Ben, visual art means nothing without the basic means for its perception - eyes. The human eye and mind interprets art is more important than all

art taken together.

Showcase also from Lille. Another visual idea.

This image was taken in Belgium. Combined with a photo sketch gives two possibilities in one frame to describe the same feelings, emotions, hidden message or just any idea.

Photography is dedicated to Sebastian, who is Ben's best friend for over 20 years. "He is a formidable man and a talented lawyer," says Heine about it. Court of the image, it is difficult to make such a conclusion.

No. This is not Venice. This Oxford, England. Sketch was made in haste, but very well fit into the composition.

In Poland, where the image is displayed, there is no koalas. But in the mind of the author alone runs. It looks that way.

Another creation from Poland. The picture on the wall is a reproduction of "The Girl with a Pearl Earring» / «Girl with a Pearl Earring» Jan Vermeer. Sketch successfully makes a work of art in the "modern" version.

Dedicated to Yves Rossi (Yves Rossy). This Swiss pilot and inventor. It is also called "Rocket Man", as he was the first who flew using fixed wing jet engine strapped to his back. Reached a speed of 304 km / h. He built a system similar to an airplane with wings of carbon fiber (range of about 2.4 meters) and four fixed on them jet engines. Already flown across the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and managed to fly over the Alps. Now plans to fly through the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States.

Panorama of the city of Utrecht with «Dom Tower», which is the highest church tower in the Netherlands. The height 112 of 5 feet. When you create pictures are having difficulties, just to hold with one hand, two pieces of paper is not easy.

Another idea for placement in the frame of the sketch. It turned out the plot and funny. Ben promised that his next job will be even more crazy.

And a number of different jobs.


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