"This doctrine can be applied in the country, you do not mind ..."

"Iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck, acquainted with the teachings of Karl Marx, said, "This teaching can be applied in the country, you do not mind ..." And this country has found ... Europe, USA, and the whole world watched with pleasure as Russian in Russia went against the Russian, brother against brother ... Some gave their lives for "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", others - "For the salvation of Russia" ... It does not matter the result of the civil war, and there is nothing political debate about who is right who vinovat.Prosto remember exactly who shed the blood of their own and others for the happiness of the country, "you do not mind» ...

Kornilov L.G.

Budionny S.M.

Denikin A.I.

Egorov A.I.

PN Wrangel

Voroshilov K.E.

Dutov A.I.

Blucher V.K.

Judenich NN

Tukhachevsky M.N.

Kappel V.O.

Shchors N.A.

Kaledin A.M.

Frunze M.V.

Kolchak A.V.

Chapaev VI


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