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Smartphones are not just miniature computers. They may also in many cases to replace a compact camera. Possibilities cameras the flagships of Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony and Nokia are striking, but do not forget about specially designed devices that help to use camera features of your smartphone completely. Most probably thought about tripods, but they are not the only solution for getting a clearer photo taken with the camera smartphone.

        Photojojo Lens Series

A line of Photojojo Lens Series includes four interchangeable lenses (macro lens, wide-angle lens, "fisheye" and "telephoto"), which are fixed on the body with a magnetic ring. The latter is glued to the phone on a sticky basis. According to the manufacturer, lenses Lens Series from Photojojo, you can forget about Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The lens has only one drawback — they are so large that cover the built-in flash. The cost of the kit lenses from Photojojo Lens Series is $ 49.

        Joby GripTight

American company Joby offers a universal tripod mount that is compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market. Moreover, the universal mount allows to use this tripod in tandem with different lenses. The cost of Joby GripTight tripod is $ 20.

Steadicam Smoothee

In the stabilization system Steadicam Smoothee applied the same materials as in the professional equipment worth over 60 thousand dollars, which is used in Hollywood for the filming of the masterpieces of film. Sturdy metal construction allows you to achieve amazing quality of photos. System Steadicam Smoothee consists of a handle with elbow support and mounts for a smartphone. It should be noted that the device is also compatible with modern tripods, so it can be used as a handy accessory for any camera. The cost of stabilizing system Steadicam Smoothee is $ 149.

Hama Wireless Data Reader

Compact wireless card reader Hama Wireless Data Reader supports the following memory card types: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMC Plus, MicroSD and RS-MMC. The device can act as a Wi-Fi router has a USB port and is designed for use with iPhones and iPads. The cost of the card reader Hama Wireless Data Reader is about $ 90.

Microphone iRigMic

The company IK Multimedia positions microphone iRigMic as the ideal device for recording audio at a professional level. Microphone different the three levels of control sensitivity and a package IN for processing vocals. The cost of the microphone iRigMic is $ 50.

Camalapse 3

This device, resembling a cylinder in two parts, allows to obtain a slow motion effect in a circular panoramic video or to make stunning 360-degree panoramic pictures of any field. Device Camalapse 3 is an intermediate between a tripod and a GoPro, Contour, Drift or smartphone. Camalapse 3 is composed of two parts which can rotate relative to each other. The upper part is a timer with a tripod screw, and the bottom is a hole for the tripod screw. The cost Camalapse 3 is $ 30.


Tripod Glif+ is designed for use with the iPhone. The device has very small dimensions, can be worn together with the keys as a keychain, and allows you to shoot photos and videos using the iPhone at various angles. The cost of the tripod Glif+ $ 30.

iPhone Shutter Remote

This device provides users with the ability to pin favorite smartphone on a tripod, to move to the desired distance and shoot at the right time. To send a command remote iPhone Shutter Remote uses the Bluetooth wireless technology module. The device allows you to control the camera's capabilities of the iPhone at a distance of 10 meters, and the cost is $ 40.

Camera Table Dolly

Dolly for video Camera Table Dolly it features tough construction allows you to achieve smooth motion over the entire area of the frame. The only drawback is that to work Camera Table Dolly requires a perfectly flat surface. According to the manufacturer, this disadvantage kompensiruet video good quality without any sudden jerks in the motion of the subject. The cost of the Dolly Camera Table Dolly is $ 90.


Device Bikepod turns your bike into a tripod. More precisely, the Bikepod is the tripod that firmly holds your smartphone at a time when owner turns the pedals on his bike. This device is aimed at lovers of Cycling and will relieve the most unusual and beautiful landscapes. A tripod with a smartphone, which is equipped with a satellite navigation receiver GPS, can also be used as a Navigator.


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