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Today, we continue to acquaint you with a new line of smartphones called Zenfone. At this time, the hero of today's review is Zenfone 4 - the youngest representative of the series. As the name suggests, we have Zenfone with screen 4 inches, with a recommended price of the device 4 thous. Rubles. It's hard to stand out among budget devices, but do not get the smartphone side, the ASUS found a pair of aces up his sleeve, which I will discuss in this review.

Specifications h4> Software: Android JellyBean 4.3, followed by an update to Android KitKat 4.4.
Processor: Intel® Atom ™ Multi-Core Z2520 1, 2 GHz 2-core, support Hyper-Threading.
Video: PowerVR SGX544MP2.
Display: 4 & quot; 800x480, LED-backlight, TFT, up to 10 simultaneous touches.
Built-in memory: 8 GB.
Contact: 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, DC-HSPA + (DL / UL): 42 / 5.76 Mbps.
Navigation: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS.
Gauges: gyro, proximity sensor.
Interfaces: 3, 5 mm mini-jack for a headset, micro SD up to 64 GB, 2 slots for microSIM, micro USB (Support OTG).
Camera: frontal VGA F2.8, the main 5 megapixel autofocus camera.
Battery: 1600 mAh lithium-polymer removable.
Dimensions: 124, 4x61, 44x12, 3 mm.
Weight: 120 g
Colours: black, white, red, yellow, turquoise

Options h4> Zenfone 4 comes in a compact box about the size of the phone itself. As you can see, for the entire series Zenfone use the same packaging design.

On the side face is visible perforation with pictograms main advantages of the apparatus. This 3G, Wi-Fi, 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 5 megapixel camera.

The phone itself is in the film underneath a standard set of accessories: power supply cable and micro USB.

The power supply is powerful enough, 5.2 and 1.35 A. In its case no glossy parts, all matte, respectively, it does not collect fingerprints.

Appearance h4> ASUS line of smartphones called Zenfone consists of 3 devices: it Zenfone 4, 5 and 6.

Concentric circles on the bottom remind us of laptops Zenbook.

Zenfone 4 most compact representative of the series. The smartphone has a size of 124 by 61 mm and perfectly fits in your hand. In contrast to the current trend to produce more smartphones, ASUS did not forget about the other users who are not so important large screen. The main advantage of small smartphones - this benefit, it is not necessary to get used to, in contrast to the 6-inch phones and comfortable to work with one hand.
Thickness 12 mm smartphone, but it is not strongly felt, as the phone thinner towards the edges. Due to the geometry of the rear part of such a smartphone repeats grip palm and phone fits well in the hand.

The back cover of the smartphone is made of opaque, slightly rough plastic. Coverage is pleasant to the touch and does not collect fingerprints.

The cover covers not only the back portion and lateral faces, ie volume buttons and lock are on the panel itself. Such a decision has the effect of solidity and disposable smartphone. But the back panel can be easily removed and provides access to the removable battery, microSD connector and two SIM-cards.
Panel holds fast to a large number of latches, no creaks or wobbles.

In addition to white, there are models in other colors: black, red, yellow and turquoise.

Interfaces h4> Above the screen is the earpiece, indoor metal mesh. Interlocutor can hear well, the volume is high. To the left of the speaker indicator for alerts. When you receive different notifications such as missed calls or messages, the indicator will blink green. Smartphone notifies the low battery capacity and charging process smartphone. To the right of the front camera is a proximity sensor to lock the screen during a call. Alas, we have a budget unit and the light sensor is not available, so that the brightness will have to be set manually.

Below the screen are the usual touch buttons: back, home screen and application manager. The sensor is quite sensitive, lights in the buttons missing. The system can adjust the vibration when pressing these buttons. By the way, the vibration is very strong and well felt even while walking.

The right side is the volume rocker, a little higher - release button. The button layout is not the most comfortable, with my thumb-grip lies just on the volume up and have to get used to that release is higher. Buttons themselves are corrugated texture and nicely pressed.

The microphone is located on the bottom.

Connector for charging and sync micro USB placed on the left side.
It supports OTG, ie You can connect flash drives and various peripherals. Unfortunately, microUSB-OTG cable not included, it will have to buy separately.

Standard 3.5 mm mini jack for the headset is placed on the upper end.

Removing the back cover, we have access to slots for two SIM-card form factor micro-SIM. Radio module one, when talking on one SIM-card, and the second will be unavailable.

We also available connector for the card micro SD (up to 64GB) to increase the amount of memory your smartphone.

Display h4> As already mentioned, there is applied a screen with a diagonal of 4 inches. Danae is the budget model of Zenfone, and therefore get a regular TFT-matrix LED-backlit.

But technology does not stand still, and TFT-screens every year look better and better. The screen resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, 223 pixels per inch (PPI).

In the sun, the image is bad and has to be seen to exhibit a maximum brightness. In general, the screen looks good, the colors are true, the viewing angles are not too large, but more and we do not expect from such a budget phone.

The screen has a protective coating during use no scratches appeared. Also there is an oleophobic coating, whereby the finger glides well and remains less prints.

The screen supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.

Camera h4> The front camera has low resolution and is only useful for video calls. The picture quality is satisfactory.
The main camera with a matrix of 5 megapixels and F2.4 aperture produces good pictures of average quality. On the screen, you can select which parts of the frame to focus on. The application allows you to use the camera has a lot of interesting modes.

Smart deletion. B> is a convenient mode when you need to take a photo in a public place. 5 photos done and moving objects are removed from the final image. The function does work, even in low light.

All smiles. B> A great tool for creating a group photo. The camera takes 5 shots after that for each person, you can choose a good frame and glue all in one photo.

your photo. B> Fans of self to the next level. Now there's a handy tool to remove themselves to the main chamber. To begin, select the number of people (1 to 4) that will be in the photo. The camera switches to the search parties. If you select two faces, the camera does not recognize until the second person in the picture, a picture is not going to happen. The whole process is accompanied by an audible indication, for example, if the second person in the picture is not horrible, it will be signaled. After the photo was taken, you can choose a good picture of the three proposals. You can then immediately processed photos - to correct tone, do more to narrow the eyes or cheeks. In general, the girls will be happy.

The depth of the field. B> Allows you to blur the background, thereby shifting the focus to the foreground objects. The function is interesting, but does not always work as it should.

Time control. B> is a convenient mode for shooting children. After shooting will be offered 31 photos taken during the 2 seconds before pressing the shutter for 1 second after. Turning the slider, you can choose a good picture with a little restless.

Miniature. B> The so-called Tilt Shift. Objects in the photographs are like miniature. These photos should be done with a high vantage point.
Also there are features which can be found in almost all modern smartphones with camera: HDR, panorama in 360 degrees, night, poor lighting, improved facial animation GIF.
Photo Archive , made on Zenfone 4.

Performance h4> The hardware platform is built on a mobile smartphone solutions from Intel. New 2-core Atom Z2520 processor with a frequency of 1, 2 GHz has support Hyper-Threading, which adds to his two virtual cores. Amount of RAM is 1 GB. Graphics accelerator PowerVR SGX544MP2 copes well with its task, showing high frame rates in games. There are no problems with the rendering interface, everything works smoothly.

Video games launch: Dead Trigger 2, Riptide GP2, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4. I>

The results of the benchmarks. H5>

Speed ​​mobile Internet network MTS measurements was about 5 Mbps. Smartphone may distribute the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices.

Combined navigation chip is capable of receiving a signal from the satellites of the GLONASS and GPS. Location computed quickly enough.

Software h4> Series Zenfone got new interface ASUS ZenUI, which was developed with an eye to maximum functionality, but not at the expense of aesthetics. It is easy to learn and intuitive, looks nice, the icons have become more simple and follow the modern trends in the user interface. Typical applications are also altered in favor of the general concept. In general, from ZenUI only good experiences.

The device is running Android 4.3, but ASUS promises to upgrade to version 4.4 KitKat.
Screenshot of the interface. I>

Battery operating time and h4> Removable lithium polymer battery has a modest capacity of 1600 mAh, but for the small screen and energy-efficient processor that's enough. In the settings you can select the different modes of the phone that will extend the life.

In power saving mode, the device will include a wireless connection only with the active screen. Using the optimized mode, I have not noticed any restrictions, everything works as usual. You can flexibly adjust the backlight for video or Web sites to set permissions for the use of the Internet messenger.

In the evening I fully charge the phone and leave it on overnight without charging. In the afternoon I used Wi-Fi just over an hour to see the sites. Also included was constantly mobile internet, regularly have Viber messages and Gmail auto-receiving letters and not checking the box at a certain time. The voice call has been made about 25 minutes. By 8 pm the phone is almost completely drained.

In general, the result is quite good, like most smartphones, the phone runs a "light day».

Conclusion h4> So, in the ranks of the budget smartphone will sign a representative of this class. For 3990 rubles we get a compact and convenient smartphone with good performance. Though the screen resolution is not that big, but for the diagonal of 4 inches is enough, the picture looks good. Also unusual was seen here the protective glass. The new shell ZenUI beautiful and works fast, generally in use are only good feelings. Among the shortcomings can be noted a small battery capacity, but its task it copes, and the phone remains connected until the evening.

The recommended price of 3990 rubles. I>

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