El Diablo is a unique restaurant on the volcano

Lanzarote is the northernmost and easternmost island of the Canary archipelago. It is located a thousand kilometers from the mainland of Europe. It was here that I discovered the incredible "El Diablo", where visitors have the opportunity to taste the delicious dishes of fish and meat that were cooked over the volcano.

Ominous name of the restaurant "El Diablo" is quite justified. But guests of this establishment do not need to be scared because the volcano, though the incumbent, but he is not very active and throwing lava flows and ash. He just spews a fever, and the chef of the restaurant uses the heat from the Earth to cook food. Over the little crater of the volcano built a kitchen and installed a huge grill. This volcanic grill natural way is heated to a temperature of 400-500°C, which gives the opportunity to cook delicious steaks or chicken for a few minutes. Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to monitor the cooking process.

But a barbecue on the volcano is not the only benefit of the restaurant. It should be noted that the restaurant "El Diablo" has a rather unusual architectural solution. It is located on a hill and built as a viewing platform, and the tables here are set in a circle. All this gives guests the opportunity to admire the volcanic landscape and wonderful views of the Park and the island, which is particularly impressive in the evening at sunset.

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