Supervolcanoes that could restore the planet into an eternal winter

Since ancient times, volcanic eruptions have caused catastrophic changes in the conditions on the Ground. From time to time, under the clouds of ash and lava disappear whole cities and civilizations. Often for these terrible events were so-called supervolcanoes.

"SUPERVOLCANO" is a term, though not scientific, but fairly well-chosen – in theory, the eruption of a volcano can lead to the death of all life on the planet. The power of the volcano may several times exceed the power of all the combined conventional terrestrial volcanoes. The eruption of such power is fraught with emissions huge clouds of ash that will inevitably lead to a decrease in average temperatures, and rivers of boiling lava and acid rain will complete the job.

We will discuss ten of the most powerful volcanoes on Earth, which at any moment can have on the planet very real nuclear winter.


 Yellowstone volcano

The largest in North America SUPERVOLCANO located in Yellowstone national Park. The volcano has not erupted for more than 600 years, according to volcanologists, not so long ago began to show signs of activity. If this giant is still awakening from hibernation, at best, his power is enough to give the planet another Ice age. At worst the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO will Wake all the other active volcanoes on the Earth and will cause a real Apocalypse.


 Campi Flegrei

In Italy, near Naples, is the Caldera of Campi Flegrei, one of the largest and most dangerous supervolcanoes in the world. To see a volcanic crater, hidden beneath this seemingly serene landscape is impossible. However, in the case of the eruption the surface of the Earth will crack, and soon all 13 kilometers of the Caldera to crumble in a tank of magma, which will in turn lead to the surface. The eruption is likely to lead to the formation of a new Vesuvius-like cone. And at the worst scenario will be the destruction of a large part of life in Europe.


 Kamchatka volcano

Not so long ago, namely in 2007 scientists of Institute of Volcanology and seismology, far East branch of RAS was discovered first (and hope last) SUPERVOLCANO originally from Russia. Giant Caldera – Karymshina – formed on the territory of the South Kamchatka about 1.5 million years ago when the last eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO discovered. The probability that the volcano from the Kamchatka Peninsula aktiviziruyutsya again, big enough, given that a Large ring of Fire very close. In addition, in recent years, intensified by several large volcanoes in the vicinity, and the increasing seismic activity may in turn trigger and a giant SUPERVOLCANO, the consequences of the eruption which scientists try to speak as little as possible.



In the southern part of the Japanese island of Kyushu, a gigantic volcanic Caldera Ira. Inside the Caldera are the Japanese city of Kagoshima and young Sakurajima volcano that occurred about 13 thousand years ago. Since the middle of last century, Sakurajima has never stopped its activity, is constantly throwing out smoke from the crater. Residents of the Kagoshima literally live on a volcano, as the eruption could begin at any time. Despite the fact that directly in its vicinity was built a special shelter, it's hard to say how serious will be the consequences of the eruption.


 Long Valley

Long valley is located in Eastern California near Mammoth mountain. Caldera long valley was formed in the eruption of the volcano giant, which occurred about 760 thousand years ago. In the result of violent volcanic activity magmatic centre under the peak is completely empty, and the volcano literally fell through the ground. But has not disappeared completely. In 1980 there occurred a series of major earthquakes which have marked the growth of a resurgent dome. Since on-site in long valley permanently fixed tremors and uplifting, accompanied with changes of water temperature in the hot springs and emissions of gas. In General this gives researchers considerable cause for concern.

 Lake Toba

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra is the Earth's largest volcanic lake formed in the Caldera of the Toba volcano during the last eruption occurred 74 thousand years ago. The activity of such a powerful eruption could have serious consequences for the global climate.

It is highly likely that the giant volcano might soon again to Wake up. About it scientists speak of the ascent of volcanic gases and heating of the soil on the surface of the Toba.



He is one of the most dangerous and active volcanoes of Indonesia and is among the ten most active volcanoes in the world. Merapi explodes on average once every seven years, heaping on the surroundings lava flows and clouds of ash. For locals the terrible volcano and the killer and benefactor in one person: the volcanic ash makes the soil around mount Merapi in the fertile land, farmers gather from the fields for several crops a year. However, people are fleeing, when mount Merapi begins to erupt rivers of lava and stones the size of a small house, has transformed this welfare of the region in a post apocalyptic wasteland.


Caves Tsankawi on the territory of the Caldera, Valles Caldera, Valles

This is one of the smallest volcanoes on our planet and most studied volcanic complex in North America. Is the Valles Caldera in new Mexico, USA. Despite his advanced age (about 1.5 million years), this volcano is still active – in the last 50-60 thousand years ago. But he's still showing signs of life, and over the surface without stopping rising of the resurgent dome.



Taal volcano has a bad reputation, thanks to its powerful and devastating eruptions. It is located close enough to the capital of the Philippines and the Pacific ring of fire. It is assumed that the lake surrounding it, actually represents the remains of a crater of an ancient SUPERVOLCANO. If this hypothesis is correct, one major eruption would be enough to raised volcanic gas and ash stayed in the atmosphere for several months. Unfortunately, Taal began to show signs of activity in the 90-ies, and in 2010 the Philippines has raised its alert level. Both of these facts make you think that the eruption of Taal may begin at any time.


 Lake Taupo

Among the stunning green landscapes of the North island in New Zealand under the waters of lake Taupo lies the Caldera of the great and terrible volcano Taupo. The eruption that occurred here more than 26 thousand years ago and is known as the eruption Oruanui, was the largest in the last 70 thousand years. And if Taupo that never sleeps, and only sleeps under the water, will Wake up again and decide to throw an Apocalypse this earth, it is likely that New Zealand will never delight us with their beauty. published


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