Success comes not to those who first, and to those who fast

According to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who ranks among the most influential it people in the world, a key benefit of successful projects in Silicon valley is not the technology or the superiority on the market, but the ability to scale quickly.

Over the last 20 or 30 years, said Hoffman, the whole world realized the value of startups "in the style of Silicon valley": "We beat the drum very well, and a lot of people have heard that it is possible to build small teams taking big risks, collect knowledge and capital and taking off on them."

But the world is yet to understand that real success requires something more: for example, the willingness to grow with incredible speed.

"Most people don't understand that so many great companies came out of Silicon valley due to understand how to scale. It's not just make the app and it will work, says Hoffman. — If you don't move quickly, you will likely lose one who moves".

Hoffman calls this "blitz" zoom, "fast zoom" (blitzscaling) and points to Facebook as a Prime example: mark Zuckerberg and his company made the most popular online service in the world in just six years.

Hoffman is going to open courses in computer science at Stanford University, where he will teach students the technology needed for rapid scaling. Together with the head of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner, co-founder of LinkedIn Allen blue, the Stanford Professor Meran Sami and the famous Y Combinator President Sam Altman.

"It's about scaling the organization. Only a few companies managed to get millions of users with relatively small teams. Among them Instagram and WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook. But others will need to expand its staff following the product," he said.

The company, scaling the business, undergo several stages of growth from tens to hundreds of employees, from hundreds to thousands, from thousands to tens of thousands: "At each level, you need other principles of recruitment, other services, other management".

The founder of LinkedIn also notes that the success of technology start-up not associated with the location of its office in Silicon valley. He cites the example of a Chinese company, and Snapchat from Los Angeles, Amazon Seattle, Groupon Chicago, Skype from Europe.published


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