Sabayon is a monastic dessert wine and chicken eggs

This famous dish is not only the most popular Italian dessert, but the sauce. As well as a drink and for impregnation of cakes. It all depends on the density.

There was this versatile dish in the 16th century in Piedmont due to the error of chefs in one of the monasteries. While preparing another dish for dinner, they are unable to achieve the desired consistency from the whisk eggs with sugar. As well as pulling the product was a pity, they added a sweet wine. So first saw the light of a new dish with amazing taste. At the core of Sabayon uses egg yolks, sugar and alcohol.


Eighty five million four hundred ninety nine thousand two hundred nine



  • Marsala (Sicilian dessert wine) — 100 ml.
  • The yolk of chicken eggs — 4 PCs.
  • Sugar — 100 gr.


Recruit a large pot with water and put on fire. This will be our steam bath. While the water heats up, combine the egg yolks with the sugar and whisk to a froth. Still whisking, very thin stream in small portions pour the Marsala. The capacity with the resulting mixture put in a water bath, continuing to whisk. Gray Sabayon, strictly making sure that neither water nor yolk mixture does not boil. As soon as the Sabayon reaches required consistency, remove it from the water bath, continuously stirring to obtain a homogeneous consistency. The finished Sabayon put in kremanki and decorate with berries. To the table serve the Sabayon can be both hot and chilled. published   

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