16 myths about why you can't open your business

There are a number of excuses that people come up with, but would not make efforts to create their own business.

Before the era of mechanization, the traditional lifestyle was not work for hire, and agriculture. This means that the familiar way of life is temporary. The question is, what will replace it?

Following traditional occupation can become startups. The Foundation of a startup in the future will conform to going to work in today's reality. But is it worth to you personally to start right now? Let's look at the reasons that allegedly prevent this. And objectively evaluate your feelings.

Too young the Average age of founding startups for 27 years. "Too young" is not about biological age. It is a question of maturity. Will you feel on equal terms with his subordinates, some of whom will be older than you? What would happen if an investor or business partner will call your idea idiotic? Will you agree or will you protest? Child will choose from these two options. An adult will ask why.

Too inexperienced There are only two ways to acquire the necessary experience to work for another or to work for themselves. The first option gives you experience for the man. It's not what you need for startup. The best option to gain experience in startups is to start one of them.

Too indecisive On a single determination does not go far. To become an excellent student in mathematics, you need to learn the rules and then learn how to operate them. In startups there are no rules. So that determination in the development of rules and adherence to them will help you in startups as well as she helped me in math.

New to the business When people say they know a lot about the business, what does that mean? What kind of business? Once startups by definition are a new business with a new business model, nobody knows anything. OK if you don't understand, but ready to become the first to understand.

The absence of a partner start-UPS demanding, all-consuming and cause stress. Just like life. Most people live life with their partners. So why do you want to develop a startup alone? It's a chance too good for one person.

The lack of ideas fortunately, the ideas free. Many startups change their halfway. Then if you start with "not a good idea", and then turn it into good, it's like the development of most startups.

New startups with no place is Often written that there are too many startups. It's like saying if too many people are trying to solve the world's problems. The world is full of problems, large and small, as well as people who are able to establish a startup.

It is necessary to support a family for the first time, most startups do not raise money. Lifestyle without any source of income may not be suitable for people who need to support a family. But you can always find another option. Consulting, freelancing or developing a paid product, can provide finances almost immediately.

Too rich Not too many people care what they are too rich to start their own business. However, such characters are. They are much more like working with people who are not so rich.

The fear of losing the freedom of a Startup will take away your freedom. If you value her above all else, do not start your business. But then don't do work for hire. If your startup becomes successful, you can gain another type of freedom, otherwise unavailable, but it is the freedom to put your products to millions of people.

The need to structure Some people say that they prefer work for hire, because it structures their lives. It's a euphemism. In reality this means that they need someone who will give them instructions on what to do. If you don't start your business. Many jobs do not involve clear guidance. So you better to find the structure somewhere else.

The fear of uncertainty In startups is not so much uncertainty — most of them fail. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best.


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