30 little-known social networking

The list of lesser-known features that you may prigoditsya

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blockquote> Even if you have accounts in all known social networks, you can never close them and check out five times a day, not the fact that you have learned and use all features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Here is a list of 30 little-known social networking features that may be useful to you.

5 features Facebook, which many do not znayut1. Save links to see pozzheLyuboe event, a video link to the article, a book, a TV show, place, or music can be stored to be used later. Do not get to keep such a way just photos.

Once you find them in the "saved».

2. Subscribe to drugaVy can not subscribe to a person without adding it to the friends, and the same way you can do. To access this feature, open the "Settings» → «Subscribers" and notes in the column "In my updates you can subscribe to" point "Everything».

However, there is one more thing: you can only subscribe to those people who have also put in this column "All».

3. Receive an email to FacebookVy can receive and send letters to users via e-mail @ facebook.com, and letters come to the primary e-mail. To find the address, takes the user ID and add to it @ facebook.com.

4. To change the order of chapters stranitsyEsli you do not like the way the sections are located on your page, you can easily change or delete them in "Managing Partitions».

To open it, click on the edit icon in any section, and then change to your liking.

5. To view the statistics postovEsli you are the administrator of the page, for sure you are familiar with the inscription people reached em> at the bottom of each post. Clicking on it, you get detailed statistics on the number of clicks on pictures and links, the number of card sharing and other data.

And just a few chips without numbers ... You can store all of your data with Facebook. To do this in the general settings, click "Download a copy».

In the chat, you can send not only photos, but also other files. Click on the settings icon in the chat window and select "Add Files».

You can insert the publication of the Facebook page of your site. To do this, click on the arrow in the top right corner of every post, select "Paste publication", copy the code and paste it in a post on his website.

If you have administrator privileges, you can fix any post at the top of the page. Click on the arrow in the top right corner of the post and select "Lock the top».

5 little-known features Twitter1. TvitovVy can create collections much easier to manage tweets, install Tweetdeck. Simply sign up through it, and your Twitter account will look different, like this:

To create a collection, click on the Add column, select an item Collections and add a new column to all tweets on its topic.

2. Notes fotoZagruzhaya people on the photo, you can mark them up to 10 people. This feature is available both on the desktop and smartphones.

3. Collages TwitterVy've tried to create on Twitter collage of multiple photos? Just add not one, but two, three or four photos, and they are arranged in a tweet in rovnenky collage.

4. Write to Twitter via SMSEsli have gone online, you can still send a private message to Twitter via SMS, edit your profile, set a new location, and more.

For example, to send a private message, you need to type in an SMS text resembles the following: A [username] + message em>. A full list of commands, see here.

5. Ignore soobscheniyaEsli you do not want to completely unsubscribe from any page on Twitter, you can temporarily disable it. To do this, click on "More" and "Ignore @ XXX».

This is useful, for example, if you do not want to be distracted by something, and comes hot on Twitter to discuss your tweet.

5 features using Google + 1. Make votes in kommentariyahEtoy not possible in the official functions of Google+, but you can use it for their own purposes. You can create a theme in the comments and suggest some options.

Do not forget to post the following topics describe the survey asked subscribers laykat your answer.

2. Maintain records in an empty krugeVy can create your own circle and not to add to his people. Publications in this disc will not be available to other users, but for you it will be a great place for notes and posts that can be published later.

3. Share krugomVy can share your community with others. To do this, go to the item "Your circles", select the circle you want to share, and select the desired action.

You can write a comment and select audience, where you can tell about your lap.

4. Select a photo profilyaKogda someone clicks on your avatar profile in Google+, he can see all photos the profile. And you can control it.

Go to the section "Photos" and edit the "Profile Pictures". You can delete some pictures, add other, swap them - in general, to edit what they see other people.

5. Put on the cover profilyaProsto SIFCO upload a file in GIF format instead of pictures, and the profile will look much more interesting.

5 features LinkedIn1. Export all your kontaktyEsli you want in any case to have a backup of all your contacts LinkedIn, you can easily export them. Come to the "Network» → «Address Book" and at the bottom select "Export Contacts". You can export them to different formats.

2. Add media files to your profilChtoby diversify boring summary page, you can dilute the text images. Click "Edit Profile" and next to each item in the summary it is possible to download the file.

More by an arrow, you can swap the blocks in his resume, for example to put the first block of work experience and education, and general information away to the bottom.

3. Contact with those with whom you do not set a personal kontaktEsli you need to write a personal message in the person with whom you have not established a personal touch, try to make it through the group. If you are in a group, you can send private messages to all participants, no matter, you know them personally or not.

4. Save search vakansiyamVy can save not only the individual job, but also up to 10 results.

You can also set reminders for new positions to quickly find what you need. Saved searches and new results will be displayed in the "Jobs».

5. Take notes on their kontaktahPod each contact has an opportunity to leave notes about the person and about your meeting. In addition, you can set reminders when you need to call this person and when to meet.

5 features Pinterest1. Create secret doskuEto may be needed if you are collecting ideas for secret activities or preparing a public page, but first want to make sure that it looks cool.

Flip through your board to the bottom, there will be a symbol "+", select "Create a board" and do not forget to mention that it is a secret.

2. Swap doskiVy can not swap the pins out of the boards, but can arbitrarily move and change boards, cover boards, their description and category.

3. To monitor how many pins you took with saytaEsli you want to know how many people add pins to your blog, copy the address into the browser www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com/, yourwebsite.com place and insert the address of your blog. And that's what you'll see:

4. Change oblozhkuEsli you have found a cool image that simply looker, you can put it on the cover of its board. To do this, just place the cursor on the board - icon will appear in "Change Cover».

5. Fill the board with druzyamiVy can allow friends access to their board, they are also added to the picture. To do this, click "Edit board" and in "Who can pin Pina?" Write an email to another.

5 features Instagram1. See all the photos and print ihNabrav instagram.com/имя_пользователя em>, you can view all the photos of his profile. In addition, there are several sites that allow more convenient to view photos from Instagram. For example, Gramfeed.com, through which you can view photos of the tile, upload them and share on Facebook and other social networks.

Here are two sites of similar subjects: Ink361.com and Web site to view photos Websta.me. There are also special services to help print photos from Instagram, such as application EasyPrint.me, Printsta.ru other.

2. Save the photo c InstagramEsli you open Instagram in your browser, you can save the picture:

You press on a triple menu icon, and choose View photo page. click on the photo on the next page, and select "View Code element». Right-click on the first link from the selected text, and select Open in new tab. Save picture to open in a new tab.

On your mobile device even easier to save the picture. Click on the menu icon in the form of ellipses, select the item "Copy link", insert it into your browser and save the opened image.

3. Add ramkiEsli you twice tapnuli of any filter in front of you there is the scale of intensity. To her right is a picture of squares, tap on it allows you to add a frame.

4. Add Instagram collage can not make a collage of pictures, but nevertheless they can be seen not in a single profile. You can also diversify your profile collages, but they do have a different program, such as Pixlr Express.

Incidentally, in this application, a huge number of filters, stickers and all kinds of cool effects, so you can make a photo from a smartphone a true masterpiece, and then upload it to Instagram from the gallery.

5. repost pictures InstagramEst special application Repost for Instagram, which allows you to slightly change your favorite photos and repost them on your page.

There are web applications like Iconisquare, which help to repost photographs, although it requires more time and action.

For example, in Iconosquare you select photos and press Repost, after which you send it by email. The resulting photos are downloading to your computer first, and then in the smartphone and Instagram.

That's all. If you have your own special ways of doing something easier on social networks, share in the comments.

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