10 things that will happen when you stop checking Social.network

Social networking is an excellent tool to maintain a long-distance relationship, make friends, and be aware of what is happening. Unfortunately, not everyone uses them to their destination. For many people, the social page turned into a full-time job. They make posts for likes, follow other people's lives and want to be in multiple places simultaneously. They are members of all possible games and quizzes. Perhaps you recognize yourself or any of your friends. If so, maybe it's time to get out of the game? Here are 10 things that will happen to you when you stop to check the social network constantly:1. You will return to reality When you're engrossed in a virtual world, you can't see it happening in real. Perhaps your real, live dog to feed or walk it. You can be at a party, a café or even on a date, but still sitting in your phone.

When you turn off the Internet, your head starts to work, and you have a valuable unique experience that can only be being in reality. You'll see your hungry dog and his friends who are waiting for communication. Believe me, nothing can replace real life.



2. You'll to catch more than a Few minutes in social networks turn into quarter hours, then an hour, in a few hours... In the end we lose the majority of their time when you can be productive. Thanks to smartphones we can have access to the Internet almost always, even while working. When you otlepitsya from social services.networking, you'll have to come up with another activity that will release you from boredom. As soon as you stop constantly to use the Internet, your productivity will increase dramatically.

3. You can focus on your home really the social.network take a very long time. Only on the scrolling news how much is spent! To postpone social network for some time, means that you really have some free time. Time that could be spent on communicating and strengthening relationships. You can get up on the treadmill and lose a few pounds to be slim and feel confident. There are numerous possibilities, because you spend your time on what you really want.


4. You can understand who your friends Maintain relationships in the network very easily. Those people who likes all your photos, posts and videos, spend an average of 45 seconds. Not the fact that it is even more interesting. Once you leave the Internet, many of them will disappear from your sight. People who want to spend time with you in life — those who you really interesting and someone who cares about you. Coming under the influence of social networking, you can easily find the right people.

5. Understand that "like" is meaningless Audra Rundle from "Huffington Post" wrote an excellent article on this subject. She said that like the post has no value — it is a mechanical action that a person performs in a sign that he has read, or a post caught his eye. Many people are too close to the problem to see it. Taking a step back, you'll see that it carries no meaning, and that people do not care WHAT they like.

6. You'll feel calmer Importantly, in collaboration with social services.networking is the feeling that you haven't completed. There's always something else to listen, to read, to see and to be involved. Life with the feeling that something is not done, gives a feeling of incompleteness. To finish the job by doing something outside of the networks. For example, having finished the book, finished planting the garden or washing dishes. There are plenty of things that can be done, bringing favor to your life and changing your reality for the better.

7. You will get rid of unnecessary fans Almost everyone who puts their photos in the Internet are faced with unnecessary attention. This is especially noticeable for girls and women. People can see your photos, updates and save them on your computer without your permission. And we never know what purposes they can use them. Even if they cannot see your page directly, they can see you through friends or see who you're talking to. Your friends can tag you in photos and posts of places you visited together. Now people can know where you are. If you get rid of the influence of networks, you'll be fully protected from annoying people.


8. You will feel more confident of the Study proved that social networks decrease self-esteem. When you make a post and nobody thinks like you feel like I wrote nonsense. When you update a photo and the opposite sex do not put your likes, you can feel terrible. You constantly compare yourself with more happy, successful people. And how can we keep from sadness and depression? Why do you need it? There is a solution — take a break and relax from the virtual world.

9. You are not going to appreciate what you already have After watching the news, eventually people become envious. It could be someone buying a phone, car, a new apartment or house, a trip to an expensive hotel — anything. There are those who are envious of the relationship, number of friends, having a girlfriend or wife or just a happy family life. Network — a place to put all that you have and tell others about it. But it's also a place where you can find out what others have that I don't have you. Once again, why do you have to go through this?

10. One day you'll realize that everything you were for social networking is a profile to view ads we Have no doubt that in networks there are people who really appreciate you and interested in your life. In any case, there is no doubt that the Internet is indifferent to you as a person. In the virtual space you're just a profile that needs to view the ads, buy the paid program and enrich their owners. What really is going on with you, social networks have nothing to do with the case. Would you like to be in a relationship with someone I care about? No, then get out of the relationship with the virtual world.

The social network was created 10 years ago and had a definite purpose, which we forgot. We, you and even the developers. The reason is not to find friends and make friends with them all my life. Now it's just an addiction, like Smoking. A series of likes on posts and photos. Just a bad habit. It's a job you get nothing.

We are not saying that you need to quickly remove their profiles — that would be too harsh. Just reduce the impact of the Internet on their lives. Trust me, you will not lose anything if you don't check your account 30 times a day. We promise. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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