9 signs of a real relationship

Some signs that you are in a "real relationship", as well as tips that will help you build relationships and make them real and strong.

The life is not always important to the place where you are,
but with whom you are always important.

How do I know that I am in a relationship with the right person?

This issue is one of the most common. However, before giving an answer it is necessary to clarify their thoughts with another question:

What aspects do you think should include a real relationship?

Despite the fact that the answer to this question may be controversial, but all relationships, both romantic and platonic are some obvious signs that they are developing in the right direction.

So today, let's look at some signs that you are in a "real relationship", as well as relevant tips that will help you build relationships and make them real and strong.

1. Games are not played
Still quite often, we do complicate our relationship. The difficulties begin when conversations take the form of text messages, feelings move to the level of the subconscious, the relationship becomes a game, the word "love" falls out of the conversation, lost trust, and a word of honesty, and does no longer have any meaning. Even more when the situation is exacerbated by lack of confidence becomes a way of life, jealousy becomes a habit, like resentment, as way out is only avoiding all the problems and not wanting to change anything. Stop running from problems! Encounter face to face with all the setbacks, correct the situation, communicate, appreciate, forgive and love the people who really deserve it.

And, of course, if you do you feel that someone is playing with you, discuss the matter with him.

2. Each is on the same page
If a woman begins to live with the daily life of a man without telling him that she is interested in a serious relationship, this relationship, most likely, those never will. If you just pretend that you live well, it would not be a sign and a testament to the factor that your relationship will develop.

The bottom line is that you are right and honest from the beginning, well, or from the moment when you know exactly what you want from your partner. Do not beat around the bush. In that case, if the person turns out to be a coward and runs away from you just because you were honest with him or starts to establish its own, it only means that this person is not for you.

3. Your communication open, honest and clear
You should not be afraid to talk to those or other issues. It is best to talk and to be honest than to miss these moments and go nowhere.

Say what you mean, and are responsible for what you say. Do not expect that your favorite people to read your thoughts, and do not play silly games with their feelings and hearts. Always tell them the truth, because if something silent, sooner or later, this "something" turns into something else, like a lie.

Listen, not bickering and speak without offending others. Community - this is not just an important part of the relationship, it is a relationship. Very often the relation to the port for the reason that people are betraying the trust of not fulfilling their commitments and, most importantly, stop to chat. So, be honest with each other, carry out all his duties and always communicated.

4. The words are backed by deeds of love
Treat your loved ones so that when you tell them about love, they did not think that it is just "empty words." To do this, even in everyday life you need to show your loved ones that you love them through your actions. Pay attention to even small things to your favorite understand and believe in what they care about you. It is also very important to know and be sure that the person about whom you are all the time thinking, just thinking about you.

In truth, even if you are a hundred times say "sorry" or "I love you", but do not intend to prove that actions, your words, in fact, will not be held for a completely meaningless. If you can not prove his words actions, they simply will not be sincere. Everything is very simple. The relationship will never be able to become "true" if both partners are not sufficiently sincere and frank with each other.

5. You do not aspire to the ideal relationship
Any real relationship will never be perfect, but if you're open, and will be fully given to work on the relationship, everything will be as good as you could not imagine.

Your best friends and your izbranik may be far from perfect, but they may be ideal for you. Give them a chance to show you that. Then, when you expect people to stop something, you can begin to enjoy the company of people and thank them for what they are. The most important thing to remember is, above all, the awareness that every relationship has its problems. However, the relationship becomes perfect when both partners tend to be with each other, even in the most difficult times.

6. You feel vulnerable and sincere
Despite the assertion that "the strongest love - is this love that makes us vulnerable," may seem intimidating for some, but in fact, this is true. The idea is to have the courage to be perfectly honest with his companion, and it is fully open for a long time. Also present and strong relationships involve partners willingness to go side by side with your chosen through fire and water, and are not afraid of any hardships and setbacks, even in the most difficult moments.

So open. Stay with the person you love. Allow yourself to fully experience everything. Smash any emotional walls that you have built around you, and feel the emotion of each island, both good and bad. This is real life. This is how you welcome sincere relationship with another person.

7. There is a sense of freedom and collaboration
Always consider the fact that we can never force someone to be with us and love us. We do not have to beg anyone to stay in while he or she wants to leave. Also, apart from that, we do not have to feel trapped. In truth, if a person begins to feel trapped in the relationship cease to exist as such. The thing is that a real relationship, it is, above all, freedom.

Any relationship is also built on a solid foundation of teamwork. Since relations are one of the most important elements of personal growth and happiness for everyone is very important to meet his lover on your life's journey. You will be able to achieve much more if you work together than alone. The second man, always closes the circle. Strong relationships depend on the efforts of the two partners and the strength of each partner relationship, depending on their quality.

And remember that the relationship can not always share the 50 to 50. You can not always give all the best to the fullest. At a time when one of you can give only 20 percent, the other can spread on 80 and vice versa, respectively. A healthy relationship is to give more even at a time when one of their members is not capable.

8. You help each other grow as a person
The point is not to find someone in whom you can lose yourself, and to find the person who can help you find yourself in this life. When you communicate with someone special, for example, with your best friend or your partner in life, the person helping you discover in themselves only the best. In this case, each of the participants relations can only express its best side, spending time together and fostering personal growth of each other.

If you think deeply about what you and your loved ones meant to each other, you may find that instead of give and take (advice, answers, gifts and so on), you still choose to share with another joy and pain, and also want to go all the way of life together, no matter what it is. In spite of that, the partners must support each other, and to learn something new and to learn life together.

9. You do not let others influence your relationship
Do not let anyone from the impact on your relationship, as the view of anyone other than you and your partner is not essential. If you are having relationship problems, solve them only with your partner, and not with anyone else.

You have to live the way that you want it, that's what life is. Each of us has his own fire in the hearts of certain people.

Only you can determine whether your relationship is true for you. Eventually, you have to stop worrying about what you wish and advise other people, you must start to live and make decisions on their own.


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