7 little-known tricks to help you lose weight

Lose weight - not the main problem, the main - permanently fix the result

Diet Reduces weight? Of course. However, many hazardous to health diets only lead to short-term weight loss, but get rid of the extra kilos in the long term - much harder. A few simple techniques that have been added to your everyday lifestyle will help you with this.


1. Say "no" tsifram14bf6c64a2.jpg

If the names of the ingredients on the packaging of a product include figures - put this package in place. Additives, naming which consist mostly of numbers, usually harmful, and often they are preservatives - said Dr. Carson Liu, a surgeon from Los Angeles.


"If you're trying to lose weight, it will be very difficult to do, eating prepared food, because they have a lot of sugar, carbohydrates and does obscure ingredients," - says Liu.

For the same reason Lew should stop ordering food at home, no matter what you order. "This is a devastating and very expensive habit," - he said.

2. Dietary Commandment: do not have one just salat0abd361493.jpg

"Lunch, consisting of only one salad - it's probably the worst meal for weight loss," - says Manuel Villakorta, a nutritionist from San Francisco.

«Eat a salad, but with him, eat a sandwich or a bowl of soup Bean».

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The fact that low-calorie salad virtually no carbohydrates, so it does not help to reduce the level of ghrelin, "hunger hormone" that tells our brain that it's time to eat. It therefore recommends Villakorta with salad eat foods containing "slow" carbohydrates - such as fruits, cereals, pasta and bread.

"If you eat bad, your ghrelin levels did not go down, which means that a little later you eat even more," - said Villakorta.

3. More spitee02a7b63b1.jpg

For those who sleep less than five hours a day, the chances of obesity earn 75% higher. If a man sleeps at least about six hours, then the chances are reduced to 27%.

"The dream - an important thing, because the level of ghrelin increases when you sleep a little. If you do not have enough time to sleep, because instead you go to the gym, any professional athlete will tell you that you're crazy. In the dream, grow muscle and "burns" fat, lack of sleep is catastrophic effect on your metabolism and prevents the discharge of much weight, "- says Villakorta.

4. Before breakfast breathe as much as possible luchshe67590caac9.jpg


No, that's not what you think (though sex and burns 85 calories per hour). Time before breakfast - the best aerobic exercise, said Dr. Kathleen Hickey from New Jersey.

"This is the time when your insulin level is extremely low, and therefore the body derives energy from fat for training. When insulin levels are elevated (which is observed in almost all the rest of the day), your fat stores are protected and can not be used for energy production ", - says Hickey.

5. Not pereuserdstvuyte5775f8c6c4.jpg


Exercise for 45 minutes or so can cause the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which in turn is able to influence the development of fat, says Dr. Mark Tinsley Pennsylvania.

Breaking hour workout into two half-hour sessions, you can "turn your body into a real fat burning machine" - says Tinsley.

6. Be active without uprazhneniy82cef5fa92.png

From the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, when you work for eight hours in the office is not always possible to get rid of with the help of a hike to the gym after work, says Tinsley. Instead, choose a time for some light physical activity during the workday. This can be a regular brisk walking, jumping on the spot, and the like. This, ultimately, helps burn more calories per day, and generally add to your health.

7. Cycle - your way to stroynostic1c00e7836.jpg

You can speed up weight loss, deceiving your body and affect the system of accumulation of fat, says Brad Schoenfeld, fitness trainer from New York.


For example, if your regular rate of calorie diet of 1,500 calories a day, you can eat 1200 calories on Monday, 1500 - Tuesday and 1800 - on Wednesday. Then you need to repeat this cycle.

"It helps to reset the body's natural mechanism for fast, deceived him and caused more fat loss," - said Schonfeld.

Universal same advice for weight loss can be formulated as follows: "Spend more energy than you consume at least 20%, and move at least 20 minutes a day (you can simply walk)».

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