18 ways not to be discouraged when it seems that can not be worse

The console himself, when it seems that your problems are just nepreodolimy

When your boss, colleagues, friends, significant other or you demand too much from yourself, there is a risk of overwork and decide that you're just a loser, and that whatever you do, make every effort will be in vain. At such times it is important to find the right words and to convince himself to overcome the crisis. If in the course of hard work on something you have a desire to drop everything and never come back to this, think about these simple truths.

1. This is also how proydёtZvuchit battered cliche but it's true - no matter how bad you may feel themselves as hopeless and did not seem to you the current situation, it is only one of the fleeting moments of your life. Today, it seems that everything is over, but believe - the sun will rise again tomorrow and a new day will be brilliant light of hope for a way out of the predicament.

2. No one will cope with the situation better than the effusions are no the same as the person you are. You are endowed with unique properties, to compare ourselves with other people stupid and frankly, it is simply impossible. People do not live a life like yours, then there is no one who could solve your problems better than you. Remind yourself of this every time you have the feeling that whether in your place the other person, he would have shown himself more than worthy.

3. This test will make you silneeReshenie problem can pretty tiring you and make feel overwhelmed, but do not forget to handle the situation, you will become even stronger and more experienced. When a person is injured, the damaged spot on the skin gradually builds new tissue is more dense and durable. Roughly the same thing happens to your soul - it is able to restore power, giving you greater resistance to various kinds of turmoil.

4. Appreciate your mistakes - they teach you urokiKak once said the famous TV host Oprah Winfrey: "Think like a queen. The queen is not afraid of failure. Failure - just one more step on the path to greatness. " When bad things happen (our fault, or independently of us), it is difficult to see the situation in its entirety. In any negative experience provides a lesson that you should remove, not to repeat their mistakes. Take heart and believe that through this experience you will be better prepared to overcome the obstacles that life prepares you.

5. All you need to do - is to try their silyRasstoyanie between what you already have and what you aspire to anything - just an attempt. Regardless of the fears, you need to do this step. The attempt - the most important part of any undertaking, and that's all you need to do.

6. Progress sovershenstvaPoroy important unattainable a man so immersed in it imposed image of perfection in anything that he forgets the main thing: no one can be perfect. Trying to come to perfection, it inevitably comes to grief and begins to consider himself absolutely worthless loser. Do not focus on the ideal, the best goal to which you aspire - progress and development. Rejoice every step forward, you did.

7. You do not odinokiStressovye situation force you to close from the world, to restrict their communication, but remember that there are people in the world who always support you and help you to believe in themselves. Even if in desperation, you stop to appreciate themselves, never close to you will not be disappointed. You would think that talking about their problems with family and friends, you burden them with unnecessary information, but be aware - it's not. Whatever you thought about yourself, loved ones love and appreciate you for who you are and will not go away when you need to cope with adversity.

8. Problems occur in vsehKonechno, each is unique and your situation is deeply individual character, but many people have to deal with more complex tasks than yours. Even thinking about it will not help you become happier, at least you will know that it is not alone in its difficulties. There is always someone who can understand you and comfort, most importantly, to find a man.

9. Do you have something to be blagodarnymVam seems that the world around is crumbling? Try to calm down and remember things for which you are grateful to fate and the people around you. This exercise will allow you to take another look at the situation and will realize that the reality is not as bad as you think in moments of despair. Try to be optimistic and be surprised by the result!

10. You are worthy of love moments of introspection and self-deprecation you can think of yourself as much as bad, but exactly what you full of positive qualities. When you become especially hard, make a list of things for which you are grateful (see. The previous point) ... himself. Name at least three qualities that you love and respect yourself. If absolutely nothing comes to mind, say "thank you" to your light, for that gives you breathing, his mouth, because they can smile, your soul, because it makes you ... you. You are a miracle, believe me!

11. Your mind is too cruel, do not take his arguments serdtsuZachastuyu close to your most merciless critic - yourself. The one who used to be treated with understanding other people's mistakes, it is difficult to forgive the mistakes yourself. You tend to judge themselves with excessive rigor, without even giving the report because society imposes certain ideas about how you should behave. When you do not meet these expectations, it is easy to lose respect for yourself. Keep this in mind and try not to get involved samoedstvom.

12. Do you have a sample size can go different ways - let the sound gruff voice permanent internal criticism or silence him, and convince yourself, do everything right, giving up negative thoughts in favor of a positive attitude toward yourself. All that is required of you - the readiness for a while to put on rose-colored glasses and, of course, action. Managing to overcome the pessimistic and implement conceived, you are sure to come to success.

13. Your main task - to please sebeTratya their lives to achieve the goals that you put around and trying to match their ideals, you are missing out on the most important thing: your dreams and desire for their implementation. People come and go, but your unrealized plans to stay with you for life. Think about it - how do you feel, having to worry about other people's expectations? Once you throw these concerns about the well-being of someone else's head, you will surely feel much better.

14. You have a lot dostigliEsli you're absolutely exhausted, and you think that the forces on moving forward no more, look back - you can see what a long way you have overcome? Think about your life - you have coped with all the difficulties and achieved a lot. Is one trouble though is very annoying, cause you to withdraw from the goals, reversing everything that has been done? No matter how heavy was not your current situation, you can change it.

15. Are you still in vseoruzhiiKogda any events knock you off track, you understand it, and therefore, imagine that you need to do to fix it. Adequate perception of the current situation - a sign that you do not throw up their hands and are ready to continue to move towards success. A clear understanding of the difficulties that you will face, will give you the strength to overcome them.

16. Desperate situations do not byvaetNezavisimo on the complexity of the problem, there is always a way to fix it, to continue towards the goal. Perhaps now you do not see the solution, but it certainly will be, whether you find it themselves, or help friends. When inspiration comes, you will understand that the solution to all the time lying on the surface, and even wonder why they did not immediately come to mind. Each of us is strong hindsight, is not it? Do not lose hope, continue to search for yield is closer than you think.

17. You do not need anywhere around speshitVse always somewhere in a hurry, but you did not necessarily take part in this crazy race. To solve labor-intensive tasks and movements to the global objectives takes time. By forcing myself to work in an emergency mode, you are likely to overdo it and achieve only one thing - a nervous breakdown. Labor is more measured, enjoy the process, and you will succeed.

18. Give yourself a break - it normalnoInogda you just need to let go of the situation and allow yourself to be an ordinary person, not a super-hero who must control everything. If you have time to distract from their labors, the planet does not fall to pieces. Arrange yourself a break - you've worked hard and deserve a rest.

Whatever did not seem thick clouds over your head, you know - the sun behind them, and thus come bright, bright days. Believe in yourself, no matter what go forward and your dreams will come true.

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