10 reasons why some people do not succeed in life

Simple things that hinder us, and eventually develop into nepriyatnostiNeudachnik - it is not a sentence. You can handle this. The main thing - to understand that the root of all evil is often in ourselves. The most common reasons why some people do not get anything for which they were not taken, are listed below.

1. They do not understand the value of vremeni

«Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is much more valuable than the money itself," - Richard Branson

blockquote> The Losers do not appreciate the time. They seemed to present everywhere, anywhere and at any time, and therefore they can not devote the time some his own, specific purposes. Every year, they give their new promises that are never fulfilled, because they are not attended to in order to allow sufficient time to implement these promises. Time management skills are taught to say "no", are taught to understand that the implementation of commitments related to the achievement of the goal - it is the first step on the road to great success in every area of ​​our lives.

2. Their values ​​do not match their tselyam

«It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values" - Roy Disney.

blockquote> The more important the goal, the better it will be in the hierarchy of your values ​​and the more order and discipline will be associated with it. Less important targets are lower in the hierarchy of values, and connected with them less discipline and more confusion. Losers mistakenly confuse busyness with productivity. They are doing anything other than what contributes to the convergence of their values ​​and goals. Record in his diary of your goals and strategies to achieve those objectives. This will help to better define the value that most closely matches your goals.

3. They never show initsiativu

«People think that success in one area can compensate for failure in other areas, but is it really? This efficiency requires a balance "- Stephen Covey

blockquote> So you have a lousy boss and you really hate your job. However, this is no reason to work in a slipshod manner. You get paid for you to come back and do it right, it is - the universal law of life: you get just as much invested. It's just maturity and wisdom - to try to reach perfection, regardless of the circumstances.

Losers - those who simply agrees with poor results. Those who do not bother to find effective techniques that will help them better understand their abilities. It's all like a student: a lot depends not matter how smart you are, but how well do you know how to prepare and plan. This, in turn, makes you feel smarter, and as a result will lead to excellent results.

4. They have samoogranicheniya

«You are what you are and what you believe" - ​​Oprah Winfrey

blockquote> Unsuccessful people often say things like "I just do not make friends with the numbers," "I really do not want to learn," or "I do not think I really could run a successful business." They place themselves within certain limits, and it seems that this excuse their behavior, but in reality it's just one more way to do nothing.

Get rid of the idea that you have a strictly defined set of talents and skills to strictly defined tasks, stop thinking that you are not nearly as smart as everyone else. Life requires you to make the most of themselves. As for myself and for others.

5. They are good at opravdyvatsya

«If you can not make it good, at least make sure that it looks good," - Bill Gates.

blockquote> The Losers will always find a reason and logic to explain why they can not, and why they should not. Sometimes they call this nasty habit of "just being realistic." They do not lack imagination, and they always find ways to justify why nothing else to do, and why they should never even try to do something. The best cure for this - just stop, and do not allow your mind to look for excuses.

6. They lack skills obschatsya

«You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him to do," - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

blockquote> The Losers, as a rule, have no social status.

More often, they say things like, "Well, at least I'm honest." They do not know how to relate to other people and tend to be very arrogant, with no apparent reason.

Nobody likes bouncers and people who do not know how easy it is to say "thank you" when they say a compliment. All these features - are unworthy, and do not contribute to the improvement of social status.

Be polite with people that you like and to be polite to people you can not stand, or that you do not always agree - this character. The ability to talk to people - a skill that only few have mastered. As already mentioned, the best way to know a person's character - is to observe how he behaves when defended in a very long line at the end faced with a very poor service.

7. They lay their case to the "back burner"

«only deferred until tomorrow you die willingly leave undone" - Pablo Picasso.

blockquote> And the fun thing is that losers are very fond of "drag out". And they do not see anything wrong. This point brings us back to the point about the lack of understanding of the value of time. These people are willing to live a life that is always one day behind. They live their lives as if they had left there is one more. It is necessary to realize that you are starting to die from the moment of his birth, and that every day you let go - it's a real gift. Therefore, for your own sake you are in the twenty-four hours must do all that we can, because no one promised you that you will see tomorrow.

8. They do not take active deystviy

«Do something today, and your future will be grateful to you," - Les Brown.

blockquote> It is possible, because of the simplicity of the rules of life size people ignore the consequences in case of violations. Losers tend to reflect and to leave footprints on the sands of time. They can talk about the big game, and they really dream of a game, but they do not have the guts to just go forward. Stop dreaming about what it would be. In my dreams, of course, there is nothing wrong, but we should stand up and finally do anything.

9. They do not tolerate nevzgody

«sun without rain creates a desert" - Arab proverb.

blockquote> Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy named David. He was not a soldier. And it was not close. He looked up at the giant, and said, "I sobyu you down, and then cut off his head».

And that's exactly what he did.

With concerns about the same thing: they are so large as we allow them to appear as such, and they are strong in so far as it allows our weakness. Losers do not understand this, they give up too quickly, simply because things are not as how they want to. They want a rose without thorns, children without birth pangs and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but they can not stand adversity.

Overcoming the problems not only brings us closer to our goals, but also makes us someone whom we previously could not imagine.

You should not give in to his own fear, do not be afraid to enter into uncharted territory, leave your "comfort zone" and challenge yourself. In desperate situations born courage. Otherwise, you just never know how strong you are.

10. They ravnodushny

«Because you are neither hot, nor cold, but tёpl, I will spew thee out of my mouth" - Revelation 3:16

blockquote> Yes, there are those who likes to "sit on the fence." They never have an opinion about anything, they can not make their own decisions. They can not support the intelligent conversations, their views are too narrow, and they never say that is not directly related to what they know. They care about anything and everything, and they do not make any effort to ensure that something of themselves to represent. In a world full of amazing and interesting things only they could find a way to get bored. Indifference - a silent killer. Find yourself something that really fascinates you, and even if by that you do not pay, using their abilities to destination.

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