The man who photographed volcanoes

The man who photographed volcanoes: photos of eruptions in Hawaii, made Gee Brad Lewis.

Gee Brad Lewis is known as "the man who photographed volcanoes." In this picture, Lewis took a picture of his friend Bernie background boiling lava at the edge of a volcano in Hawaii Kilaua. Brad says: "Bern literally stood in the middle of boiling lava. She is red-hot. it is impossible to be around for a long time, especially without a special protective suit, because the skin blisters - but the photos turned out just amazing! ».

Brad takes photographs of fifty volcanoes, particularly Kilaua volcano in Hawaii for the past twenty years. He says: "It's just amazing, indescribably beautiful sight, it does have a sense of some giant force. Is during a volcanic eruption in the immediate vicinity - is an unforgettable experience. Seeing the molten lava, you can not stay the same ».

Brad says: "I always wear a special helmet and gloves, and in addition, take a gas mask. If the wind is in your direction, you can suffocate himself and ruin equipment. The red-hot volcanic dust in seconds will damage the camera ».

Brad, who lives in Hawaii, many times put their lives and health of mortal danger, to do as much as possible the spectacular, unforgettable and expressive images. "If something goes wrong - all down the drain. I have had to buy a new tripod and new shoes, the former melted ».


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