The same actors, the same role, other costumes

«Empire Magazine» - the largest magazine on films in the UK, his numbers are issued monthly since 1989. In honor of the 20th anniversary edition of the journal published a special article, the editor of which was Steven Spielberg himself. The editorial staff made a real star photo shoot, pays tribute to the most memorable films of the past 20 years (1989 - 2009). As a result, 27 Hollywood stars once again assumed the shape of his most famous characters, though without much scenery and costumes. Here are some of them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Terminator».

Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster - "Silence of the Lambs».

Mel Gibson - "Braveheart».

Mel Gibson - "Braveheart».

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint - "Harry Potter».

Christian Bale - "American Psycho».


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