National Geographic

Sokolёnok, hatched a few minutes ago. Photographer: Vasily Ilyinsky

Night Chicago bird's-eye view. Photographer Jim Richardson

An inquisitive bear at Svalbard. Photographer: Paul Nicklen

Whale shark in New Guinea. Photographer: Michael Oh

Stonehenge at sunset. Photographer: Ken Geiger

Pomeranian hut - the embodiment of warmth and comfort to its residents. Photographer: Andrey Kamenev

"Lord of lightning." Photographer Carsten Peter

Dust storm in Arizona. Photographer: Daniel Bryant

The giant mammoth trees covered with snow California. Photographer Michael Nichols

Cave Dwarves. Photographer: Natalia Belentsova

Children herders, wrapped from head to toe. Photographer: Sergey Anisimov

The delicate butterfly at sunset. Photographer: Tony Guetta

Crocodile teeth. Photographer: Paul Coleman

Green sea turtle in the Red Sea. Photographer: Dmitry Marchenko

Oklahoma: lightning hit in the field. Photographer: Mitch Dobrouner

Penguins on an iceberg in Antarctica. Photographer: Joshua Withers

Red Kenyan elephants. Photographer: Brent Shtirton

Photos delayed at least 5 hours: the starry sky. Photographer: Jack Fusco

Tiny chick in "the sexual state of the world" according to Google - Sri Lanka. Photographer: Lalit Enakayan

Tornado in North Dakota. Photographer: Mitch Dobrouner

Whale shark. Photographer Brian Skerry

Reindeer - symbol of Christmas.

Flamingo with her cubs.

Little poisonous green lizard.


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