USSR, which we lost

"And life, comrades, was very good." Arkady GaydarTak happened that August was a historic month for Russia. The death of "Kursk" in 2000, defaulted in the 98th, and, of course, the August Putsch '91, which actually meant the end of the nuclear, space, scientific and cultural empire of the USSR. One can argue about how well or poorly lived in the Soviet era. But you can not delete it from the memory of the time of our youth and youth of our parents.

Website presents you a selection of rare photographs of Soviet times, made in different decades and different parts of the vast country. Vivid examples of Soviet photojournalism and personal footage from personal archives, they help us to feel the spirit of the time.

the road.

Youth. Photographer A. Ryavoshapka 1976

Biking, photographer Michael Blonshteyn.

Sabantuy. Photographer Yuri Filimonov, 1980


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