"Travel" - a competition in 2014 by National Geographic

Each year the magazine NG holds mass competitions. This time we present the work of the nominees for the contest "Travel." Here you can find the most interesting photos that represented the participants of the current day. Every day, a collection of photos will be updated, and then the jury will select the best pictures that will be included in the printed edition.

Governor's Camp, Kenya, cheetah chase a lion cry. Photographer David Black

Abraham Lake, AB, Canada, photographer Victor Liu

It was -20, cold, I'm all alone on a frozen lake. I set up a tent and lay down on the ice and watched the Milky Way. It was a moment of unity with nature.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, photographer Colin Presnel

Bhaktapur, Nepal, photographer Paris Bamber. Nepalese girl

Vietnam, Nha Trang, photographer Daria Davydova

Hyde Park, London, photographer Navot Kukreyya

Pool Rottnest Island, Western Australia, photographer Nikki van blows

Pool Rottnest Island is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the west coast of Australia. Secluded quiet shallow place with lots of fish and corals. Many swim here with a mask, often photographed bottom. Here children are taught to dive.

The main square, Madrid, Spain, photographer Michael Stumpf

Fudzhiyoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, South Kurita photographer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, photographer Shoyyab Hammaba, camel rides

The resort is on the island of Hithadhoo, Maldives, photographer Tzu Hoch

Taos, New Mexico, photographer Paul Gilberston

Hoi An, Vietnam. Seller noodles. Photographer Loren Visser

South Island, New Zealand, the photographer Jean drama

Jaguar catches the antelope in South Africa, the photographer Marcia Wilson

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Photographer Elvio Santos

The province of Yen Bai, Vietnam. Stepped rice fields. Photographer Nguyen Son

Desert Zagora, Morocco. The guy from the Berber tribe. Photographer John Branistinu

Sahara Desert, Morocco, photographer Barbara Carey. Climbing the dunes to watch the sunset over the Sahara

Silverado, California, photographer Sean Sandoval, bloody moon in the canyon of the Black Stars

Holbox Island, Mexico, the photographer Marco Badalyan, heron makes rack

Bering island, Commander Islands. Puppy arctic foxes are not yet afraid of people. Photographer Vitaly Filyuchkoff

Lanayi Island, Hawaii, USA, photographer Joe Western

Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, Jean drama

Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico, photographer Robin Rigss, two gray whale

Madeira, the Rock, the photographer Nour Alier

McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Photographer Andrew Smith. Big Brown Skua

El Kid Dzhanhilo, Honduras. Photographer Felicia Wong

Prayer Tree, Tibet. Photographer Peter Mu

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Gorilla protect your baby from rain. Photographer Leslie Ellis

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA, photographer Fred Vosmer

Fred Vosmer found in the mud on the banks of the creek in the national park near Lake Clark, Alaska coastal brown bear tracks.

Monkey temple in Bali, photographer Paulo Barbosa. Love

Lake Kawaguchiko Yamanashi, Japan. Photographer Danilo Dungo

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Photographer David Hardy

Winter in Lofoten, photographer Kelly Nezervud

Iceland, a curious horse. Photographer Ken Bauer

Kuwait photographer Omar Alashahin. Big Hoopoe feeding her chicks


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