Ben Affleck

Famous actor and director have to know the proportion of poor people in need. However, only a week. And he will have limited experience exclusively in nutrition. And all for the sake of charity project Live Below The Line, the essence of which lies in the fact that for five days to eat only 1, $ 50 per day. So it is now no ice tea from Starbucks, Ben! All to benefit the needy.

According to the organizers of the project, taking part in it will be able to celebrity to draw attention to the problem of people living below the poverty line, the number of which in the opinion of the organizers is 1, 4 billion people. Ben Affleck has confirmed his participation in the project Live Below The Line message on Twitter, urging followers to join him.

Besides Affleck's Oscar-winning project involved Sophia Bush, Debi Mazar and Josh Groban. And Hugh Jackman starred in the movie makes the viewer think and join the action.


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