Roseline de Thelin

Over the past few years, the Spanish artist Rosalyn de Thelin (Roseline de Thelin) became known for its stunning holographic sculptures. Using a wide range of instruments, including fiber optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, wires, organic glass, it creates ethereal beings, mysteriously floating in the air.

In this direction, Rosalyn has been working for about 15 years. Combining astronomy, scientific theories and quantum physics, the artist learned to play with light poring over such phenomena as refraction, reflection, fragmentation, transparency.

At the annual event London Kinetica Art Fair, combining art and science, de Thelin presented the installation "Waiting Room". With the help of a small child sculpture De Thelin showed the audience a spiritual dimension. In its statement of the child is between two worlds, awaiting his birth. Thus Rosalyn refers to the perception of the viewer, making our imagination work. These luminous shapes evoke thoughts about the meaning of life, and the illusion of human evolution. Being translucent, illuminated soft light, share spiritual and real life.

His light installations Rosalyn de Thelin called «Homos Luminosos», thus creating a completely new definition. The name speaks for itself. «Luminoso» in Spanish means "glowing."
De Thelin repeatedly presented its light productions both at home in Spain and around the world, continuing to experiment with luminous beings.


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