12 art projects, which we admired in 2015

Indescribable beauty - and the only way to describe all this riot of imagination, which was marked this year in different parts of the world. Probably be in the center of events at the museum in Washington, or see firsthand the incredibly colorful installations and sculptures by Japanese, British and Dutch artists - is one of the most memorable and exciting event that can only happen in life.

Website sharing with you several art projects, which we especially remember its size this year.

The ocean of plastic sharikov

National Museum building (National Building Museum) in Washington, DC, each year hosts the original installation. This year, the Museum of the ocean flooded million plastic balls, which is located on the shore of the beach for visitors wishing okonutsya in this unusual pool. Plastic beach was decorated with mirrors, whose purpose was to visually expand the space.

Sculptures of provoloki

Kendra Heyst - best British artist, and it works with a very complex material for sculptors - galvanized wire and mesh it. The curator of the Tower of London asked her to make 13 sculptures that the best way to describe the story of the royal menagerie. Kendra approached this task with the soul and invested in each of the sculptures of the animals the maximum implication, hoping to use them to show the nature of relations in society as well as their personal relationship to former prisoners of the Tower.

Flower garden, floating in vozduhe

As part of a large-scale exhibition in Tokyo, one of the artists was created interactive "soaring" flower garden. In this work it has been used more than 2,300 fresh flowers that continue to bloom and grow. Interactivity is the flowers rose into the air, along with the audience close to them.

Sculptures of dereva

Hard to believe, from what British sculptor James Doran-Webb creates his unbelievable work. As a result of many hours of his hard work, of common snags and sticks are born, these are real masterpieces that are striking in their realism.

Marigolds from tyubika

Strolling through the park in the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer in France, photographer Steve Hugh came across this funny installation in whiling away marigolds allegedly "poured" from a huge tube of paint.

Monument to the sailors of peace courts, died in the Second mirovoy

Monument to Merchant Seamen located in Cardiff, capital of Wales. He appeared in 1994. The author of this unique monument - Brian Fell. If you come to the sculpture, on the one hand you can see the dissected body of a merchant ship, on the other hand - the man's face. It served as a model for the composition of the wife of the sculptor. The monument is based on the circular area of ​​the mosaic.

Light kartiny

Photographer and artist from Los Angeles, Darren Pearson (Darren Pearson), operating under the name Darius Twin, creates these original works using neon lights and camera.

Huge bush-drakon

In the county of Norfolk near one of the farms you will notice a huge green dragon. The length of the hedge is 45, 7 meters (150 feet). John Brooker, the creator of this wonderful sculpture, carefully watching their child and regularly sheared regrown branches and leaves.

Sculpture "Love"

Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Milov presented its new project - a work entitled «Love Milov's» - the festival Burning Man. The sculpture, depicting a scene of conflict between man and woman, in which young children live in a short time has won the love and attention of many people.

50,000 keys collected around miru

Installation with "speaking" name "key in hand" was created by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota specially for the Venice Biennale - Art 2015. The idea is to remind people about the connection of all things, on an unpredictable interweaving of human lives and the importance of memories are stored in everyone's heart.

A giant statue of a panda in brone

This extraordinary work of art, located in Shenyang, created Bi Heng, a graduate of the department of sculpture at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. The statue is a huge panda height of 9 meters and a width of 7. The main purpose of the sculptor is evident characteristic symbol of Eastern mysticism in the palm panda - Bi Heng wanted to remind people that everything in the world is interconnected and that, trying to scientific and technical progress, we do not We should neglect taking care of nature.

Flower Parade in Gollandii

This year, the festival of colors in the Netherlands was attended by 19 teams of volunteers, most of which were inspired by the great works of Vincent Van Gogh. Creators as always showed all his talent and spectacle turned delightfully colorful.

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