Giant advertising

Spectator advertising installation using a highly magnified and large predmetov.Kak demonstrate the advantage of a particular product, and do it all at once unusual and noticeable? Enlarge it several times and creatively fit into the landscape of the street, park or other location. This technique skillfully use advertisers worldwide, turning lights in the coffee pot, sport mat in a piece of bread, and in the ropes of spaghetti.

Advertising in a big way, whether it's monumental installation of large-scale or ambient, more memorable and more interesting to the consumer.

Soft bread, Pepperidge Farm: Mat pole vault

Nike Football

Chewing gum Orbit Ice Mints: Fresh breath

Stationery FedEx Kinko: Marker

Stationery FedEx Kinko: Concealer

Pasta Mondo

Razors Bic Razor

Fortifying Shampoo Pantene

Optics Rodenstock: The giant banana peel

Advertising against smoking

Announcement of the play Alliance Theatre: African

Means from insects and rodents in homes Terminix: French fries

Designer Lego: Crane

Shoes Woodland: Boot-climber

Tennis tournament: Racket

Quick-drying nail polish Rimmel

Vegetarian restaurant Tibits: Fork

Nike: Ball

Great breakfast in McDonald's

Laxative Dulcolax: Toilet paper

Mixer Siemens

Sandals Havaianas: flowerbed

Tape Penline

Farmers Fair Gorge Grown

Extremely long brush for extremely long eyelashes

Recording media Moserbaer: USB-truck

Coffee McDonald's

Knives Zwilling

Goods for oral care Formula: Toothpicks

Extremely sharp blade Martor Solingen

Cars Smart: bike lock and shoehorn

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