The biggest advertising structures in the world

Every day, advertising is becoming more and more. In hopes of attracting customers, companies are willing to do promotional products size almost from Lunu.Gigantskie promotional constructions attracted attention not only for its size, but also creative solutions. The larger and more brightly illuminated letters on the roof of the building, the more attractive it becomes memorable advertising itself. Today, every major company strives to create exascale advertising, denoting their position in the market. However, one of the most-entered until 10 "miracles advertising».

The world's largest growing reklama

Welcoming tourists to Euro 2008 football, betting agency spent 4 months on growing this very large advertising. The inscription on advertising - Number one in football and continues to grow. Advertising grown wheat, cotton and flowers by local farmers and covers an area equal to 50 football fields.

The largest logo mire

The largest logo of Coca-Cola in the desert in northern Chile. Logo height of 50 meters and a length of 120 meters is made from 70,000 empty bottles from under the soda! Just below the logo is possible to distinguish the words "100 años» (100 years) that sivoliziruet centenary company.

The biggest advertising shaving mire.

Established in the UK for the Wimbledon 2011 Roger Federer to draw a face the size of 70m x 50m using 3000 liters of paint. After the completion of more than 1,000 liters of shaving foam were added to the face of Federer, and then shaved with a mower to create "the world's largest shaving" for Gillette.

The largest eco billbord

The length of the construction is 1.5 km long and consists of 450 prefabricated sections. Sections are joined together by type of puzzle. Worldwide advertising agency Adroc, developed the concept of the billboard, is proud of the fact that all materials used in the production of this mammoth, are clean and have passed recycling.

The biggest road ukazatel

Nokia attracts customers to its navigation system, the company established in London, the largest index in the world. The sign is located at an altitude of 50 meters. Man gaining the interest of his place in the navigation of your phone, and the pointer is rotated in the right direction. Index weighs more than two tons.

The biggest advertising zdanii

Monstrous Optimus Prime on the icon of urban architecture of Las Vegas Luxor Hotel. Advertising occupies more than 9000 square meters.

Giant advertising Kentucky Fried Chicken

This is not the first advertising product designed specifically to be visible in Google Earth, but definitely one of the biggest. Logo was created in the Nevada desert. On the creation of this monster took six days, it has been used 65,000 tiles, the area of ​​advertising more than 8 000 square meters.

The world's largest poster

This poster was produced by Sony Music Entertainment on the field, not far from Heathrow Airport in London. The poster was made from vinyl and covered a more than 2,700 square meters

The world's largest painted reklama

Advertise insurance company in Columbus, USA. A huge banner with 3D effect spilled paint on standing next to cars. The area covered by the advertising banner is 400 square meters.

The biggest ad in mire

Giant barley harvest in the ad SwissAir takes more than 100,000 square meters. Oats are grown 4 months, and then painted with linseed oil, and then sheared.

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