Social advertising United Colors of Benetton (46 photos)

United Colors (omnibus color) - it's all color, all colors and manifestations of the world where there is happiness, grief, birth, death, love and war. United Colors of Benetton - Italian clothing brand, advertising prints which, without exaggeration, changed the world of communications. For more than twenty years, they excite the minds into thinking about pressing issues.

1. In the mid-80's Italian fashion house Benetton, specializing in the production of youth clothing and accessories offered to the photographer Oliviero Toscani lead the advertising department of the company. Toscani came up with the slogan «United Solors of Benetton» (United Colors "Benetton"), which became in 1990 the brand name. Ever since advertising Benetton - it's the pictures that we used to see in advertisements - a strange, shocking, attention, and such simple and beautiful

2. Oliviero Toscani: "Contrary to traditional advertising, we usually do not use prints kopilaynov or product. Only our logo. Our prints are not telling people to buy our clothes, they do not even hint at it. All our efforts are aimed at creating debate around those items that they normally pass by, but which, in our opinion, should be widely discussed ".

3. The first advertising campaigns demonstrate the differences between people. It is this difference makes us a vibrant, unique and interesting.

4. Print 1989 with a black woman who is breastfeeding a white baby has become the most awarded in the history of the brand.

5. In the early 90's new advertising prints United Colors again argued about human equality.

6. In 1991, a new series of prints, which provoked the first scandal. They were very sharp and epotazhnye work.

7. The first broke the Catholic Church, after the poster was issued with a priest and a nun kissing.

8. harbinger of subsequent scandals that accompany many campaigns Benetton, was also a poster in 1991 showing a baby girl, one of the prohibited prints in the history of advertising.

9. Print the French cemetery of soldiers killed in World War I, became a top philosophy of equality - regardless of skin color, religion and social status of all people are equal in their death. All die. And this poster was released just in time - at the height of the Gulf War.

Oliviero Toscani: "Advertising agencies are obsolete. They are not in any way associated with the current time. When the customer is happy, they stop trying to do something new. They do not want to know what's going on in the world. They create a false reality and want to make people believe in it. And we show this reality and criticize us for it ".

Campaign 1992 contains photographs of various authors, reporters who traveled around the world to show real life in all its manifestations.

10. Black soldiers with Kalashnikov and tibia person.

11. People walk into the container in the hope to leave a dangerous place.

12. Albanian refugees clamber on board the Italian ship in pursuit of an illusory freedom.

13. Bird in oil and other colors of life.



16. The second reason for the scandal was a photograph of a dying AIDS David Kirby and his family. And this poster not staged and sequential shooting! Tagged with real people, real illness and death. Picture taken shortly before his death, David. In those years, the world has just started to learn about the dangers of AIDS.

Oliviero Toscani: "When journalists are focusing public attention on the strange and serious topics, no one criticizes them for what they are trying to sell their stories to the media. But it is necessary to address the real problem in advertising, all immediately rise in a gun and begin to shout that this is bad taste. It seems that advertising that misleads the consumer and lying to him, is more correct ".

17. All 1993 Benetton dedicated to the fight against AIDS.

December 1 in Paris at the Place de la Concorde took action bright. In the central square a monument to the giant Benetton pulled a condom with their logo.

18. A series of three prints from the body parts, which are supplied ink stamp "HIV positive", shows people the most likely route of infection.



21. Another sensational print in 1996. The pairing of the two horses. White and black. Public outrage knew no bounds. However, the idea behind Toscani, was not insulting morality or provocation. Animals, unlike humans, do not mind the difference of colors.

22. In 2000, Oliviero Toscani has produced a catalog of prints and with 26 prisoners sentenced to death. Benetton has spent $ 20 million on what to tell the world that the American system of justice with death in the electric chair is not ideal.

The reason for another scandal became a way of giving - sentenced gained very positive features. Families of those killed heroes of the campaign were very angry. Attacks on Toscani reached the limit, and the brilliant Italian answered them:

23. "I just wanted to, we discussed the fact that they expect that they will kill cold-blooded system. Any serial killer just an amateur compared with the state of Texas. " And stresses that sympathizes with the families of those killed and no doubt of the guilt of the convicted.

The response was immediate. Shopping Benetton were closed in the United States, there are only 200 of 700. However, Luciano Benetton said he was not worried about the campaign, and was convinced that such a move will not cost him a business in the United States.

"Someday they will look back on this campaign Benetton, and say," They understood, "" said Toscani, and left the company. Many attribute this is a scandal, but the family Benetton states that do not dismiss Tuscany, and today the advertising provocateur says that his departure had been planned for a long time by himself.

24. In 2003, Benetton began to support the World Food Programme, and the new campaign by James Mollison was about hunger, as one of the world's most important problems.

25. Food can mean health, education, freedom, work, peace and hope for the future. Mollison went to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. He studied the fate of people, and then told them to us.


27. The prints had a catalog and a book called "2398 grams" - that is how much she weighed.

28. Students Fabrica presented it as their view on food as fetish, ritual, emotion, utilitarian thing.

The following year, the problem has attracted the attention of Benetton primates suffering, endangered, kept in terrible conditions. Benetton wanted to emphasize that apes - our closest relatives, our DNA is shared with them by 96%, and we just have to help them on the rights of older brothers.

29. Heroes campaign - monkey seized from illegal traders in exotic animals.


31. A poster issued in 2008 on the eve of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing as part of an advertising campaign Victims (victims) were depicted Chinese soldiers and Tibetan Buddhist monk, leaning together in prayer. So creators Benetton raised the issue of China's occupation of Tibet.

32. At the end of November last in 2011 the company launched an advertising Unhate (Eng. Unhate - non-hatred), in which published a series of collages that show world leaders kissing.

33. The posters depicted Barack Obama with the head of the DPRK, Hu Jintao, who is also with Hugo Chavez, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, head of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

34. In the image of the Pope Benedict XVI and Egyptian Imam of Al-Azhar was immediately followed by the reaction of the Vatican, and this poster was removed. As the director of Benetton Alecsandro Benetton, the company's goal - to encourage people to reflect on the origins of hatred and become more tolerant.

Benetton in their advertising claims on existing conflicts based on social stereotypes and taboos on the differences that divide in real life, and not combined. The purpose of Benetton: opposites unite under its brand. Next, see posters of the Italian brand in different years.

35. Another poster large-scale campaign against Benetton spread of AIDS in the world.

36. Three of the human heart with the words "white", "black", "yellow" - another symbol of human equality in the company, against racism.

37. The bloody clothes soldier killed in the war in Yugoslavia.

38. Provocative poster collage with the image of 64 female and male genitals of people of different races and nationalities.

39. In today's consumer society is so easy to "plug" the man's mouth nth sum of money.

40. In 2008, Benetton Group has promoted microcredit program on the African continent.

41. Poster of social advertising, raises the issue of violence against women in the family.

42. Summer Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000. On this occasion, in the Benetton Group have come up with your own original logo.

43. The very slogan Benetton, United Colors was created to demonstrate the racial and social contrasts.

44. The poster advertising company dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Declaration on Human Rights.

45. Thus, Benetton Group made a real revolution in advertising, as they were able to prove that for the successful development of the brand does not necessarily place it in the usual spectator associative array. On the contrary, you can roll out the brand with the help of war, plague, disasters and diseases.


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