The best print ad of the year

Thirty of the best prints from around the world for the year 2012 according to the wording Sayt.Luchshuyu print ads 2012 edition of the site is selected from several thousand prints, published under the heading "Wholesale Prints" and hundreds of campaigns that have become winners of major international festivals. The selection of print advertising was produced based on the opinion of our visitors and the views of the publisher. Places are not distributed, prints arranged in any order, as we believe they are all equally worthy of the title of the best, someone the idea, some of the craftsmanship.

We believe that the selection of quite accurately reflects the picture of creativity in print advertising over the last year. Such advertising makes people positive feedback and positive emotions. The comments you have every right to argue or disagree with us and talk about the work that seemed the best to you.

Spicy barbecue sauce Cepera

Coffee McDonald's: Before and after

United Colors Of Benetton: Raznenavidet

Do these children of our problem. McDonald's

Spend too much time with his wife? Beer Carlton Mid

Do not hide. Ray-Ban Never Hide

Porn moved to the domain .XXX

Our dummies for crash tests are living longer. Subaru

125 years in theaters. Coca-Cola

Axe Anarchy. Deodorant for him and her

LEGO: The Simpsons

Violin inside. Berlin Philharmonic: Close to the classics

Bookstore Corre Cutia: Exciting stories

Coffee Jacobs: Writer

Chocolate whiskey l'Univers: Accident

Sharing books come with a story and walk away with another

B & B Hotels: Hotel Bed and breakfast

German plumbing attractive than you think.

If an ordinary Czech girl looks so why do we need alcohol? Non-alcoholic beer Budweiser

The danger does not go unnoticed. Opel

Home Cinema 3D LG. Watch movies on all sides.

Pencils Staedtler: How it all begins

Toilet-hearse. Automatic parking VW.

Pedestrians Australia: Do not disconnect. Stop. Look. Listen. Think about it.

Gem La Vieja Fabrica

Bubble Film Office Depot Ā«GlassesĀ»

Travel agency Kielo: Dreaming about a vacation?

Oreo: Milk Favorite Cookie

Styling Bench Fix

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