Old Soviet Christmas cards

Festive examples of Soviet design and just pleasant memories of detstva.Seychas hard to imagine, but it was in our Soviet past, when the New Year and all of its associated attributes - tree, cards, celebrations - were banned. In the fall of 1929 Christmas and New Year were announced on normal working days, and any celebration of "priests' customs" prohibited. Winter holidays called them "bourgeois undertaking." In December and January special patrols of volunteers walked the streets and looked in the window, checking the performance of a government decree. Christmas tree went underground. Those who did not want to deprive their children of the holiday, it is now done in secret.

The situation changed in 1935. Then secretary of the Communist Party of Bolsheviks of Ukraine Pavel Postyshev still managed to convince Stalin that the beauty of the tree, "the priest tree" may well become a symbol of a happy childhood in the Soviet Union. New in 1936 already met the entire country, along trees and signing a homemade postcard. The celebration of the New Year has become an integral part of Soviet life.

Many probably still preserved the old Soviet Christmas cards. Do you remember?

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