40 Christmas cards that can be done in half an hour

In stores today you can find Christmas cards for everyone. But the editors Website said that homemade is much steeper. When we do a thing with his hands, then we think about who she is and put her in his warmth and love.

Below we have collected ideas for beautiful, original and, most importantly, the "fast" Christmas cards, any of which will take no more than half an hour.

Santa Claus h3>

This cute Father Christmas (or Santa Claus, as you like) to do simple. Red cap and pink face - a strip of paper pasted on a card or gift bag. Fur hats and beard so obtained - need to take the paper for watercolor (it loose, is sold in stationery shops) and just tear strips need to form to get jagged edges. Stick to the card on top of red and pink stripes. And then to draw squiggles two - mouth and nose, and two dots - eyes.

Christmas lights h3>

Another simple idea - Christmas garland. First you need to draw the cord, and the bright lights is easy to draw with the help of fingerprints. Draw such cards, by the way, it is very pleasant to children and cope with them, even the kids.

Snowman h3>

The volume of this funny snowman can be given if the paving between the circles more small cups of thick cardboard. And if there are double sided tape, then the board is not needed.

Postcards from the buttons h3>

We bet that every house has a dusty box with a variety of buttons. Reach finally they come in handy - they will become elegant otkrytochku. You can, for example, to make a button-snowman and Christmas toys.

Multi-colored Christmas tree h3>

Cute Christmas trees come from scraps of wallpaper, color paper clippings from fashion magazines or special paper for scrapbooking with prints.

The warm felt cards h3>

Elegant card will turn out bright felt, which is sold in stores for needlework.

A little Santa Claus h3>

Cool application will look as Father Christmas or Santa Claus. We especially like the one that left. For it is necessary to cut the beard, mustache and glasses of white paper and put them on a colored background with the double-sided tape.

Volume snowflakes h3>

The main trick here - create a volume effect. To do this, paste the snowflakes on small circles of foam or cardboard.

Funny deer h3>

Deer are very easy to make with the help of fingerprints. Simply dip a finger in the paint, and the rest - Doris. Children are happy to take part.

your photo h3>

Stylish postcards will be a family photo with bright Christmas items. Draw it and make the sign may be in one of the many mobile applications for image processing. For example, here.

your photo. Option 2 h3>

If you mess around with apps no desire, you can just stick your photo on a piece of construction paper (or print out).

Presents h3>

Card with gifts is easy to make from scraps of colored paper and ribbons.

Postcards with potato prints h3>

This cute print is obtained by dipping in ordinary gouache half the potatoes. And the rest will need to paint on, when the paint dries. Incidentally, they are also very easy to do with the children.

Bear sweater h3>

It is enough to cut the figure of bears, and then felt-tip pen or paint the simplest patterns, which we usually conclude when talking on the phone.

Postcards newspaper h3>

Very stylish and very "fast" card can be made from old newspapers.

fir branches h3>

Spirit (and smell) of the New Year will give this card with spruce twigs. Buttons come in handy here.

The black-red-white minimalism h3>

In order to create these delightful cards, you only need a black pen, red buttons and ... a good example before his eyes.

Christmas balls h3>

One of the main characters of the New Year, Christmas balls can be made of colored paper, fabric or felt. Spectacular are obtained welt cards - you want to cut to the front of the circle, and on the inside to draw patterns, stick a piece of fabric or paper.

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