11 cool dishes that we learned to cook this year

We are in the Website adore eat and therefore always seek to share the most unusual recipes for delicious and healthy dishes.

On the taste, of course, do not argue, and each family will be found a few secrets of branded cooking a particular dish. But here we have collected only those recipes that relished many readers. These dishes we definitely will prepare again and again.

These roses - funky apple dessert h3>

To bake a delicious and beautiful dessert does not have to be a pastry chef - so says blogger Manuel, who shared this unusual recipe online. You will need a minimum number of ingredients, and the result is a delicious delight after 45 minutes.

Delicious cheesecake ingredients 3 h3>

Buy cheesecake - is simple enough. But to prepare this delicate cheese dessert - not an easy task, because it requires a large amount of ingredients. However, the author of the channel on YouTube under the name Ochikeron managed to invent an ingenious recipe for this cake - and need just 3 components. Of course, we could not share it with you.

Sly Cherry Pie h3>

In this season berry tart over us with its unusual feeding and ease of preparation. You can take both fresh and frozen cherries or if you want to replace it with other berries or fruit - it all depends on your imagination.

The chicken wrapped in bacon, which even a novice can cook cook h3>

Illustrators Galina and Stanislav Khabarova come up with a cool draft draw, affordable and very understandable recipes on postcards Chef-daw. In addition to this vkusnyuschey chicken we have collected another 16 classrooms with meat dishes, which are simple and easy to cook at home.

The juicy baked chicken just half an hour h3>

Delicious juicy chicken with spices - simple and universally useful. This dish can be prepared in just 5 steps and it takes no more than 30 minutes.

Delicious risotto experts from Oriental cuisine h3>

Who prepared pilaf once, he says, it's like a ritual in which magic turns the dish. There are many variations of this dish, but this recipe we tested on himself. Try it, you'll like it too!

The recipe for buckwheat, conquer the world h3>

Buckwheat contains a large amount of vegetable protein, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and while it is low-calorie. You just right and delicious to cook it. For example, tradesmen!

Ideal breakfast for a very lazy h3>

For a good omelet need some eggs, cheese, ham, milk and a couple of very simple seasonings like salt and pepper. And to turn the usual meal in an unusual breakfast for the whole family to help molds for cakes and this quick recipe.

Simple and delicious cheese soup h3>

Sometimes the most ordinary products can create something very interesting. For example, cheese soup. Cook it quickly and easily, and the dish is obtained saturated creamy taste. This delicious soup is sure to warm you in bad weather!

The recipe for this khachapuri h3>

Khachapuri - the famous Georgian dishes, which glorified the country to the whole world. There exists a variety of recipes khachapuri, and each family can find the secret of preparation, but this is considered to be universal.

Colorful vegetable dishes h3>

Vegetables - is not only useful but also very tasty. You just need to know how to cook them. In this collection you will find 12 recipes in which there is nothing but delicious and healthy vegetables.

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