Early preparation for the New Year holidays in China

Before the Christmas holidays a few months, while Chinese manufacturers and traders has began to prepare for it in July. Bulk orders for New Year's and Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, garlands, artificial Christmas trees usually begin to arrive in Yiwu city, located 300 kilometers south of Shanghai, in September. Christmas goods ordered from as far away as Europe, the USA and South America. However, as recognized by local vendors, this year the demand for European goods greatly reduced. Someone demand fell by 20 percent, and someone even at 40.


Worker collects plastic Christmas tree on Christmas decorations Chzhunshen factory in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province of China. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Factory worker engaged in the manufacture of plastic trees. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Box with plastic Christmas trees for the Russian market at the factory Chzhunshen. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


China's exports to other countries in Christmas decorations and accessories for $ 1, 5-2 billion. Per year. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Factory worker roll cart with ready govarit - plastic Christmas trees. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


More than half a Christmas tree made in China products are sold in the United States. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


A woman walks in the rain by an inflatable Santa Claus in the market square in Yiwu, which is located in the eastern province of Zhejiang. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Girl sitting at a computer store Christmas decorations in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. China provides cheap products all over the world. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Shop Christmas decorations in a commercial area in Yiwu. Because of cheap Christmas decorations and accessories China-made suffering losses producers of such products from the CIS. Glass bowl domestic production costs about as much as a set of ornaments Chinese manufacturers. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Toy Santa Claus local production of in-store Christmas decorations. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Seller stands at the entrance to his shop in Yiwu Christmas goods. Over the past 20 years, the city appeared in China's largest export base for consumer goods, and the largest worldwide wholesale market for household consumer goods. City for 17 consecutive years the leader among the Chinese market for industrial products. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


A woman from Georgia buys Christmas decorations in the store in Yiwu. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Man walks past Christmas decorations in a commercial area in Yiwu. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Seller smokes next to an inflatable Santa Claus in front of his store in Yiwu. Here you can choose any product - New Year and Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, garlands, artificial Christmas trees. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Shi inside his store in Yiwu. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)


Source: bigpicture.ru


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