The original advertising campaign «United Colors ° F Benetton»

If translated literally mikroslogan campaign, which we'll tell you, you get something like "Raznenavidet» (Unhate). There is hardly a clear demonstration of the eventual feeling than the selected option.

The project is fresh and very relevant in view of the current tense political and cultural situation in the world. The project has even been specially created website "Wall kisses» (kiswall), where anyone can with the help of Photoshop to create their own version of who could stop hating each other. ° F United Colors Benetton did not even allude to advertising their clothes. And it pleases. Image advertising always brings greater success. Well, until the Pope forced to remove advertising from its image in the cities of the world, we have no problem place these images. For those who are poorly versed in politics and religion - all signed by the individual.


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