Hikaru skirt with his hands

Skirt Hikaru means "shining skirt" - a new fashion trend in Japan from designer Kiyoyuki Amano.
It looks so :

The skirt did not leave indifferent, at least one girl.
Wait, when the skirt will appear in the free market, it could not, and lush lace skirt was not her style, so she produced a skirt yourself .

Initially, she studied the implementation of similar projects in several examples before to decide on the implementation of their project.

Examples of luminous clothes 10 #Wearables Projects You Can Build This Summer #WearableWednesday

It is obvious that such things were created for the short demonstrations at fashion shows, meetings, festivals, concerts, and are not intended for long-term wear.

Most of all she liked Hikaru implementation of the skirt, but it did not suit the style of children's skirt, so popular in Japan, and limited functionality - Hikaru skirt shines only in the movement.

She decided to make a denim mini / micro-skirt with battery and "smart" lighting controller hidden in the belt buckle.
She hid LED strip type 5050 into vlagozaschischayuschego pipe and attach the tape to secure the skirt pins.

And the first test it was found that the pins are heated and painful burns the skin. This bug Fixed it, sew the tape to the fishing line 0.2mm skirt:

The next step was the production of a 3D printer belt buckle, which will be hidden battery and electronics.

The project she created for the printer using Tinkercad.com, it was easier than OpenSCAD and she was already familiar with this application. Later, she made more compact buckle.
Made caseback Buckle:

Next it was the turn of the controller.

The skirt Hikaru uses Arduino, who decides what to do. She wanted to "control her skirt" with a mobile phone that gives you more control over and makes the skirt of the "smart". Therefore, it was more interested in the software part than iron, which made ready Bluetooth RGB LED strip controller.

Further, fitting, fitting and assembly of buckle:

Dimensions buckle determined by the capacity used Li-ion battery. If such projects during the demonstration is small and just a few minutes of work, it also wanted to have enough food for 3-5 hours parties. Therefore, the biggest item in the buckle - battery 12V 2Ah.

Fixing the rear cover buckle with belt clip:

With Bluetooth controller are available on Android and iOS:

Functional enough for testing and demonstration:

But that's not what she wants. At the end of the article she wrote about his plans to expand the functionality for:

Some ideas so far: I can sample my outfits color- even multiple colors and coordinate my skirt to those colors. I can set specific colors that match certain holidays- red and yellow for Chinese New Year and flash in the pattern of lucky Chinese numbers. Red White and Blue for a 4th of July BBQ with my foreign friends. The team colors at a sporting event. If I set my phone up as a open wireless AP, and have the skirt colors change or brighter depending on the number of connected wifi clients (and so crowd size). Chinese girls love to wear matching outfits on a girls night out. Not only can our skirts match colors, they can chance in sync or strobe in complex patters across a group. We can use the skirts to coordinate complex group dance patterns or games of tag. It can be used for speed dating meetups- if you approach a girl with a lot of shared interests her skirt glows green, otherwise it glows red so you are saved the embarrassment of trying to make conversation with someone you have little in common with. blockquote> Sorry, but it's pointless to translate On-Off - what else the men of the skirt is necessary.

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