Bioluminescence in Action: worm cave in New Zealand makes a cave in the eighth wonder of the world

Luminescent many living organisms on Earth - from the simplest to insects and fish. For a person living organisms luminescence interesting both from a scientific point of view and from the point of view of pure art: one does not admire glowing wave surf night? In Google, you can find a lot of pictures of living organisms that can shine, but I suggest to pay attention to an interesting view - Arachnocampa luminosa.

This is the worm that lives in caves in New Zealand, and illuminates the vaults of the cave, which is why natural formation becomes like a house of some alien. Photographer from Auckland named Joseph Michael decided to capture the beauty of the caves, where he settled the worm.

According to Michael, studying caves for months, a combination of bioluminescence, cool caves and the sound of running water leaves a lasting impression. "Following the night in the cave, when you get outside, the sounds of birds and insects seem to be very intense," - says the photographer. Now Michael is addicted to his hobby, and now a lot of time in these caves.

He explored several cave systems, some of which were formed 30 million years ago. Some of the images he had just decorated, adding a bit of light-emitting diodes, but most of the pictures - it's caves and describing their Arachnocampa luminosa, without LEDs.

The main tool for the job is the Nikon D810, which the photographer finds the best camera work at night. Furthermore, the photographer uses and long exposure time - from 5 minutes to an hour.



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