20 coolest detective series

detective series with their intriguing storyline with many secrets and mysteries, not only surprised by their intersections, but also perfectly trained brain. Today Editorial Website made for you a selection of the most interesting.

Lie to Me h3> Lie to Me

Dr. Lightman is no problem to recognize a liar, for that he need only a few minutes to chat with someone. In the series, the team of Dr. Lightman, using their abilities, help to disclose various crimes.

Castle h3> Castle

Richard Castle, a successful writer of detective fiction, detective Kate Beckett help in solving crimes. True, the Beckett is not delighted with such a partner, which explains every incident marginal scientific concepts, the intervention of supernatural forces and aliens, as well as conspiracy theories.

How to Get Away with Murder h3> How to Get Away with Murder

In one of the American universities Annalise Keating, a brilliant lawyer, teaches the discipline of "How to Get Away with Murder." None of the students enrolled in the course does not suspect that soon someone of them will have to apply their knowledge in real life.

Mosgaz h3>

The film is based on real events that took place in Moscow in 1962.
In one of the apartments in Moscow investigators found the body of murdered schoolboy. No one can understand who could so brutally crack down on defenseless child. Soon, the offender is returned to its place of crime.

4isla h3> Numb3rs

This detective series tells the story of how brilliant mathematician Charlie helps his brother, an FBI agent, using the numbers to solve a series of crimes in Los Angeles.

Agatha Christie's Poirot h3> Poirot

The series based on the works of Agatha Christie detective queen. The protagonist - the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who along with Captain Hastings is taken for the disclosure of the most complicated cases.

Murder Rooms: The Dark origins
Sherlock Holmes h3>

Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes

British detective biographical 5-part film, which is a kind of precursor to the creation of Sherlock Holmes. Its main characters - Arthur Conan Doyle himself and Dr. Joseph Bell (the prototype of Sherlock Holmes), who developed an innovative method of criminal investigation.

Murder h3> Forbrydelsen

Police are investigating the murder of a young woman. Later, Detective Sarah Lund comes to the conclusion that the crime could be something to do with the candidate for mayor of Copenhagen.

Bridge h3> Bron / Broen

In the ├śresund Bridge, which links Denmark and Sweden, the lighting suddenly switches off and turn it on after discovering the corpse of a woman lying exactly on the border between the two countries. Swedish and Danish police begin a joint investigation, during which it turns out that this murder is linked to crimes that began over a year ago and is still going on.

Obsessed h3>

The city on the Neva is a series of mysterious murders "moths". The cause is taken Nikolai Troitsky, who soon discovers a strange resemblance with details of the crime with the London events 120 years ago, a major figure of which was Jack the Ripper.

Wallander h3> Wallander

Detective series based on the works of the Swedish writer Henning Mankell. The plot - the police commissioner Kurt Wallander Ystad, whose methods of crime detection is not always standard, but lead to different results.

Midsomer Murders h3> Midsomer Murders

Purely English series with a pure English atmosphere. Prim Midsomer County residents make the most sophisticated crime, follow them thoroughly elegant detectives as a backdrop for these passions are restrained green lawns and tree-lined avenues, gloomy rooms and cold bedrooms.

Secrets of the investigation h3>

Detective series that tells the story of the difficult everyday life of prosecutors. Every day they come face to face with a very sophisticated criminals who think through every step carefully.

Inspector Rex h3> Kommissar Rex

One of the most popular detective series 1990-2000-ies about Chief Homicide Vienna criminal police - a German shepherd named Rex. A sensitive nose, courage and dedication to their fellow police officer made him this storm Austrian underworld.

Owl Creek h3>

1957. City Island, Pskov region. During the operation to capture the bandits who robbed a grocery store, seriously injured a police captain Yuri Sirotin. At the hospital, being unconscious, he begins to speak fluent German and quote Goethe. This stream of consciousness crazy worrying surgeon Frison, which refers to the Committee of State Security with the corresponding signal. Later, the surgeon found hanged.

Bones h3> Bones

Dr. Temperance Brennan - a brilliant forensic anthropologist. By studying and identifying the bones it can talk about almost all deceased. Brennan is a team with an FBI agent Seeley Booth, who does not believe that it is possible to solve the crime, investigating only the remains of the victims.

Body of Proof h3> Body of Proof

In the center of the show - Megan Hunt, a former neurosurgeon, refused further career because of a car accident, after which it can not carry out complex operations. But Dr. Hunt retrain as a forensic scientist, engaged in uncovering the mysteries of his death is already dead "patients┬╗.

This detective h3> True Detective

In 2012, Louisiana reopens a case of mass murder in 1995. Two detectives, who met during the first investigation, again begin to hunt for the culprit. Events in the series take place in our time, and in the mid-1990s.

The Mentalist h3> The Mentalist

Excellent mentalist, a psychologist and a manipulator Patrick Jane helps the California Bureau of Investigation (CBD) in the disclosure of various serious crimes.

Criminal Minds h3> Criminal Minds

Detective series about the work of the special unit of the FBI. Instead, a careful study of the evidence his team are trying to find and understand the motives of the crime, thoroughly penetrating into every step of the culprit and trying to think it.

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