10 smart ideas for a small child

Bedroom child - his little house, his castle or even a spaceship. Together, all right in the nursery - a headache each parent. But the child may require even a unicorn or racing track.

To help all parents Website has collected 10 ideas on how to efficiently use every part of a child's room. Now the child will be happy, and Mom and Dad do not need to plan for moving into the pantry.

The angle of the room - space fantasy h3>

Place and a sofa, and a wardrobe, and drawers to store anything.

In this corner you can and relax and to work.

Fit all, and the place will remain.

Three in one: a bed, a wardrobe and a workplace h3>

The main thing - all at your fingertips.

The wall drawing - a place for artists h3>


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