Room for two kids: ideas for design

To design child for two children let's look at what should follow and what decisions can be used as ready.

Option when both children the same age and same sex (for example, the interior of the nursery for two boys or room for two girls), the easiest to implement. The room can be decorated in the same colors and the same style, with the addition only conditional zoning tables or shelving.

Usually such children with two beds, a separate folding sofas or bunk design. To both children feel equally satisfied take care of an equal number of boxes and individual personal parts of everyone.

Design child for two children of different ages or sex already require more imagination from the Creator. A lot of options, here are a few examples.

The room can be arranged in a Domino effect, when there is a mirror dividing a color and decor. For children with two beds distributed on the opposite walls and provides a single internal space for games.

Design child for two children fit perfectly with bunk beds, they save space and provide a separate area for each of the young owners. At the moment the bunk beds in army style counterparts, children's room, gone in the past. A lot of options, it can be an option when the top sleeper is made as a bed, and in the lower niche is a sofa bed. Also this can be two sleeping module embedded in a wall niche, window and blinds.

Children with two beds may be “hidden” beds, this option implies the presence of a ramp, for example, computer tables and beds are located inside and out on the rails.

To determine the final decision, you should find plenty of photos, like at furniture stores, and of course is to ask advice from their children what they themselves like.

The interior of the nursery for two boys in a blue and white scheme.

Photos the nursery for two children in bright orange and brown tones with Desk, bunk bed with hidden drawer and a convenient ladder with shelves for storage.

Photos the nursery for two children decorated in bright colors.

Photos the nursery for two children in pastel colours with a panoramic window, a bunk bed and the original desks.published


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