20 series, from which it is impossible to break away

Very soon will come the New Year and begin the long-awaited vacation. This is the time you can devote to his beloved (or beloved): read a book, which had not had time to draw a picture that can be hung on the wall so that all admired, and watch soap operas, which definitely will not be sorry to spend a few hours.

Website made for you a selection of series that will not get bored during the winter holidays.

5 series that will take all your attention h3>

Twin Peaks h3> Twin Peaks

One of the major works of the enigmatic director David Lynch's cult TV series, the name of which I have heard many. The story begins in the small town of Twin Peaks, where the early morning found the body of a young girl named Laura Palmer. Who and what killed the girl? To answer this question it tries to FBI agent Dale Cooper.

Eureka h3> Eureka

Eureka - a high-tech city, the existence of which is kept secret. Residents of this town - the scientists working on new research. Each episode is built around the problems caused by improper use of technologies that are becoming a threat for the residents of Eureka. Help comes Jack Carter - town sheriff who came to this town by chance.

The Lost Room h3> The Lost Room

Detective Joe Miller and his partner Lou Destefano are investigating a murder case in a pawnshop. Soon Joe gets a mysterious key that opens any door, which thus becomes the input to the mysterious, mystical room. Joe Miller and other heroes of the television movie to learn the truth about this room.

Rome h3> Rome

The series begins in 52 BC. e., when Gaius Julius Caesar conquers Gaul after eight years of war and is preparing to return to Rome. In the Senate party leaders urging patrician Pompey the Great, Caesar became a threat to the prosperity of Rome. At this time, the two hapless legionary plotting an adventure, which, if successful, will greatly enhance their well-being.

Left h3> The Leftovers

In the provincial town of Mapleton life went on as usual. Someone went to work, someone at school, and some shopping, but at one point inexplicably began to disappear people. It was found about 2% of the population disappeared. After experiencing the shock of losing loved ones, the remaining people began to wonder: what's the reason for what happened?

5 series about love h3>

Pride and Prejudice h3> Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth - one of five daughters of a provincial landowner. Since the family no one son, after his father's death, all the money will go to their distant relative in the male line. Once in the city there is a wealth of Mr. Bingley and his parents secretly dream to give him to marry one of his daughters. Soon, his friend Mr. Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth.

Gilmore Girls h3> Gilmore Girls

Young mother and her 16-year-old daughter live in a small picturesque town of Stars Hollow. They are best friends and share almost everything - from the view of the world to taste food, music and cinema. Their lives are very busy and unpredictable. Kind, funny and original series that will be useful to look at the entire female half of humanity.

Grey's Anatomy h3> Grey's Anatomy

The plot revolves around the life of doctors, interns and other staff of the hospital. They fall in love, suffer, tolerate - in short, everything like all normal people. Here are the heroes of the series every day trying to get people out from the world and seek a way out of difficult situations.

How I Met Your Mother h3> How I Met Your Mother

The main character, Ted lived quietly until his friend Marshall did not disclose that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Lily. By this time, Ted realizes that the need to make more effort if he wants to find his true love. To help comes to him Barney - a confirmed bachelor, who knows how to meet girls.

Sex and the City h3> Sex and the City

In the big city of New York live four friends. They are independent and confidently go to the purpose, not stopping at nothing. Between friends there are no secrets, they are divided into even the smallest details of his life. Sparkling humor, memorable image and "juicy" topics are the main highlight of this popular series.

5 series that you can watch with your family h3>

Once Upon a Time h3> Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan Life changed abruptly when she finds a 10-year-old son Henry, whom she declined many years ago. The boy claims that the city in which he lives, bewitched and destroy the curse can only savior - Emma Swan. The girl, of course, does not believe in fairy tales, but soon comes that causes Emma to believe in magic and magic.

Guest from the Future h3>

Fantastic series on McGee's novel "One Hundred Years Ahead." Fight with space pirates, unpredictable journey through time, a surprising familiarity with the girl from the future Alice Selezneva - that is what has led the campaign for a regular yogurt boy Kolya from 6B class.

Librarians h3> The Librarians

Librarians Group embarks on a journey to rescue the mysterious ancient artifacts. The series is a continuation of the trilogy "The Librarian", where the protagonist was Zaznayka Karen Flynn. The dynamic and rather naive plot attracts millions of viewers to the screen. It is impossible to break away.

Midshipmen, forward! h3>

Russian Empire palace coup. Then, in the struggle for power dynasties died and ascended to the throne of regicide. Three Naval School cadets find themselves in the thick of historical events and become unwitting participants in the conspiracy and intrigue.

Ark h3> El barco

The world is a disaster cataclysm, which leads to the disappearance of the land. On a planet covered by water, the crew usually ship consider themselves the only survivors. The story captures the audience's attention so that it is impossible to break away until the last second.

5 series with the unexpected ending h3>

Murder on the beach h3> Broadchurch

On a hot July morning in the small town Brodcherch lost 11-year-old schoolboy. Soon his body reveal a picturesque rocks. Local police officer Ellie Miller and newcomer Detective Alec Hard intend to solve the mystery of the murder of the boy. Curiously, the identity of the killer in the 1st season came as a surprise not only for the audience but for the crew: only 4 members of the cast knew the answer to, and even the actor who played the role of perpetrator, found out about it two weeks before shooting the final scenes.

Sherlock h3> Sherlock

The plot revolves around a series of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson. Together they try to investigate the murder and expose the villains.
English humor, intrigue, strong male friendship, incredible turns of events - all this is present in a Drama Series.

Pines h3> Wayward Pines

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke gets into an accident. When he awoke, he found out that he was in a town called Wayward Pines. Ethan says that he needs to find two FBI agents, who disappeared without a trace here. But the more he tries to find out, the more he is convinced that in this town was something strange, people behave very strange and even scary.

Homeland h3> Homeland

The protagonist, Nicholas was eight years in Iraq and then finally returned home. It seemed that all the troubles on this end, but an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency Carrie believes that Nicholas was involved in the preparation of a terrorist act. This accusation he faces life imprisonment. Will Nicolas prove his innocence?

The Lovers h3> The Affair

Alison - a young waitress who is going through a difficult period in his life, Noah - a school teacher, who has long been married to a wonderful woman and brings up 4 children. One day, their destinies intersect between Alison and Noah begins a whirlwind romance. At first glance, describes a banal story about love and betrayal, but the closer the finale, the more the series becomes like a classic detective story with a very unexpected end.

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