Top 5 places to celebrate the New Year

Joyful and long-awaited holiday on the doorstep, and you still have not decided where you will meet him? It is necessary to carefully think about it, it is no wonder they say - how to meet, so spend it. And who wants to spend the next year at the TV with a plate in his pajamas, Olivier? Lovers of loud fun you can always go to nightclubs Sochi , and love to retire in a comfortable apartment with a romantic ambiance. But the New Year's holiday can be met not only so.

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The first is to determine who would you like to see next New Year's Eve, and then decide where to celebrate.

  1. The holiday as a family. One of the nicest options for the holiday. Friendly family, native people, friends, pleasant communication and specialties that are cooked only on special occasions - all this will bring peace of pleasure to everyone. And to celebrate the New Year, and this is noted under the chiming clock, you can safely go out and have fun from the heart, go tobogganing or play in the snow.
  2. rave. Young people prefer to celebrate the winter holiday in a fun, bright and drayvovy atmosphere, because an excellent option to celebrate New Year in Krasnaya Polyana with friends. No need to bother the preparations, everything will be on your desktop, just select the dishes from the menu. In addition, fun, competitions and the sea of ​​music all night will make your New Year's truly memorable. Another advantage of this holiday is that after you necessarily will a couple of new friends.
  3. New Year in the country. Rent country cottage is suitable for a small family, and for a large company or a friendly pair of lovebirds. Fantastically beautiful nature around, the absence of noise, a lot of people, and all conditions for good rest are guaranteed. Sit by the warm fireplace, or take a steam bath, or making a snowman decorate the Christmas tree in the yard - the most beautiful moments will be remembered for a long time.
  4. The holiday apartment. If you do not want to hold a celebration at home, with friends, remove the apartment and arrange an interesting theme party. Hot Hawaii in the middle of winter, the heroes of favorite movies in a new interpretation, and much more will make your holiday a real shooter.
  5. The unusual celebration. For those who are tired of the New Year at the holiday table, it is necessary to look for more interesting places. For example, to celebrate it on the train. Travel will become new friends, and the place of the celebration of a great sign for the coming year - always a pleasure to visit. Reaching the point of following no one bothers again celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited holiday.
    The main thing to remember when choosing a place to celebrate the New Year - you should be comfortable and cozy.


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