10 little-known films, decent view

There are movies that bypass the Academy, and they do not draw full houses. But often, their names can be heard in response to the question: "what is your favorite movie?" - From seasoned moviegoers.

Website gathered 10 films that are worth a look if you want something unbanal.

Lars and the Real Girl h3> Lars and the Real Girl

At first glance, it's a comedy: 27 Lars, he avoids people and said the girl doll, ordered on the Internet. But once you begin to understand the depth of its problems, it becomes not to fun. The film is recommended for all who are now alone and who find it difficult to be yourself because of fear of being misunderstood. In such people, this movie sure to inspire hope.

In Bruges h3> In Bruges

Cinema, which clearly define the genre is not possible. It would seem that crime comedy, but once! - And it is a medieval tragedy. Two! - And now the noir style 50s. Three! - And you're listening to another brilliant dialogue. We recommend to watch the uncensored version to feel the inimitable British sense of humor.

Garden State h3> Garden State

Unfathomable kindness, brings a smile emotion - it is worth to watch the movie. Here everyone will find something familiar in that the characters are going through, whether it's the unwillingness to budge, fear of responsibility, childhood memories and dreams of happiness against fate. It is noteworthy that the film shot actor Zach Braff, familiar to many for the TV series "The Clinic┬╗.

And all lit h3> Everything Is Illuminated

It is difficult to define the genre of this film. The main theme - the Holocaust during the Second World War - the touch is not less than "Schindler's List." And the opposition of Ukrainian and American mentalities make laugh throughout the film. This is one of those pictures that remains in my heart for a long time.

The Invention of Lying h3> The Invention of Lying

Can you imagine a world in which there is a lie? Complicated? Well, welcome it in such a world! Here people say what they think, anything from anyone not hiding. And believe, too, everything is true only because the circle. But after one mistake the protagonist comes to mind, what can we say and lie ...

About Time h3> About Time

It would seem melodramatic comedy genre has nothing could surprise the sophisticated audience. But Richard Curtis presents a love story from the time travel is so original that you forget about everything and not to boredom. The film, after which you want to live and enjoy life.

Bitch-love h3> Amores perros

Film-knife, which immediately plunges the viewer into the tip. There is no simulated emotions and artificial phrases - everything honestly and openly, with extreme pain and truthfulness. This tragic picture - by the way, one of the earliest works of acclaimed director "Survivor" and "Berdmena" - leave no one indifferent.

The Man from Earth h3> The Man from Earth

In the film, there is nothing but talk, but how exciting! The action takes place in the same room throughout the film. Man arranges a farewell party and tells his story, which seems to be just physically could not occur. His guests did not believe, but agreed to develop the absurd theory of the main character. If you like to solve logic puzzles - this movie is for you!

Magnolia h3> Magnolia

The film test. Life is absolutely different people, by the intervention of a higher power, intertwined and penetrate each other in a single day. It is no coincidence ... This film is not for entertainment show - it is for a serious test of your soul.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus h3> The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

A truly magical film on the deal with the devil, which opens before us a multi-dimensional virtual reality. It is worth noting that this is the last film actor Heath Ledger, he managed to play only half the picture. Therefore, in the imaginary world of his hero turns playing Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell.

In a preview of the frame from the film "Garden State┬╗, Camelot Pictures

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