James Bond

1. The name of the protagonist belongs to one of Fleming's good friends, though not a spy, and zoology. Personality Bond "written off" by the author of real spy Sidney Reilly and Sir William Stephenson. By the way, Fleming, who had previously worked in British naval intelligence, used the experience gained in the writing of his novel.

2. The novel was written during the summer vacation. 007 would never appear if it were not for vacation Fleming - one of his patrons, in response to the author's enthusiasm, increased annual leave Fleming to two months. Every new Bond novel, it appeared during the next holiday - from 1953 until 1964 - this is the year he died author of "James Bond».

3. Bond receives a portion of alcohol every 24 minutes 3. If you calculate how much has been drunk for all the spy episode, it turns out 317 servings of a variety of alcoholic beverages. Bond drank something strong every 24, 3 minutes (if we summarize the total duration of the film series). By the way, 007 last smoked in 2002 - it was a cigar.

4. Bond all 7 partners. Despite the fact that the total number of colleagues Bond shall be 9 people (starting with 001), we have never seen or heard anything about 001 or 005. Agent 002, 003, 004, 009 have fallen asleep in the Lord because of their own stupidity and skillful game opponent. Agent 006, who was considered killed once appeared in another of the series. Only Agent 008 is still "alive." 001 and 005 remain a mystery.

5. Bond received two zero in 38 years. James Bond, who showed his best side, received a double zero, giving him the right to kill the enemies of the British Empire, in 38 years, while in the prime of life. Language, which owns 007 are English, French, German, Italian, Russian. Bond has a less than perfect Greek, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Extend the largest kinolyapy "Bond»

Kinolyapy number 1 "Dr No» (Dr. No)

Bond is sitting at the table, he puts on his card, and on top of the gun. Viewers have the opportunity to evaluate a splendid black tie James. But lo! The camera takes a close-up of an agent - and tie disappears!

Kinolyapy number 2, "From Russia with love» (From Russia With Love)

Bond driving a truck, on top of a helicopter on his car throw a grenade. Bumper truck turns black from the smoke. But after a few minutes, when the agent fails to come off, as the new truck!

Kinolyapy number 3 "Goldfinger» (Goldfinger)

There was a man - and no man ... And the difference is only one frame!

Kinolyapy number 4 "Thunderball» (Thunder ball)

James is fighting with the enemy on the seabed. The enemy breaks Bond with his blue mask. Then Bond manages to disrupt the enemy with a black mask and put it on. Wearing a new mask, James turns to face the camera - and a miracle! The mask became blue.

Kinolyapy number 5, "You Only Live Twice» (You Only Live Twice)

Aki James drives up to the meeting with Tiger. It is well seen that the wheel of the car - to the left. And when it takes the agent on the same machine, wheel illegally transferred to the right side.

Kinolyapy number 6, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service» (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

After rescuing Tracy from death in the water, Bond engages in battle with the two intruders. The first frame - they are 10 meters from the sea, and the second frame somehow finds them when they are busy the waist in water.

Kinolyapy number 7 "Diamonds are forever» (Diamonds are Forever)

The famous moment when Bond to slip through the pedestrian passage, turns the machine on the right axis, passing on the right wheels. When he manages to overcome the narrow portion, the operator reason shows us the car, deployed on the left wheels.

Kinolyapy number 8 "Live - let others die» (Live and Let Die)

Look, as a young man holding a snake in the first frame, and how amazingly changing the position of his hands on the second. Each time the operator side shows the guy - he keeps the snake with one hand behind his head. But from the front it is that he holds a snake with two hands. Mystic and only.

Kinolyapy number 9, "The Man with the Golden Gun» (Man with the Golden Gun, The)

The scene where the agent is trying to get a golden bullet in the dressing room dancer. Suddenly enemies burst into the room, Bond becomes tight. It is pressed against the door, next to which is a mirror. Look in the mirror carefully! There you can see the hard work of the crew!

Kinolyapy number 10, "The Spy Who Loved Me» (Spy Who Loved Me, The)

The scene of the meeting with Dr. Stromberg Bekmenom and Professor Markowitz. In the hands of Stromberg holds a white napkin. But when the camera shows him from behind, napkins in their hands there. Again Stromberg facing the camera - and over in his hands, the same cloth.

Kinolyapy number 11 "Moonraker» (Moonraker)

Drax assistant, Corinne Dufour, running away from the pack of Dobermans in thin stockings on her legs shoes with heels. After a moment turn into shoes shoes and stockings - in the thick socks. Just and only Cinderella.

Kinolyapy number 12 "For Your Eyes Only» (For Your Eyes Only)

Desperately unlucky operators to take the car. In this series the next kinolyapy it with the machine. We may well see the numbers on the car during the chase Melina well see the license plate 2CV6. At the end of the incident near the license plate appears the national mark (E).

Kinolyapy number 13 "Vosminizhka» (Octopussy)

Puncture the landscape. Bond puts the plane, and we see in the distance Cubans approaching by car. Around the ordinary English landscape. Hitting camera to Cubans - and behind them grows an amazing mountain landscape.

Kinolyapy number 14 "View to a Kill» (View to a Kill, A)

Another chase by car - and the next fault with the machines. Bond descends from the Eiffel Tower, steals a car to catch up with the May Day. We clearly see the front right side of the red label. When a car cuts in half, no stickers!

Kinolyapy number 15, "The Living Daylights» (Living Daylights, The)

During the persecution of Bond's car lost the front left wheel. When the agent has to jump out of her wheel back in place!

Kinolyapy number 16 "Permission to Kill» (Licence to Kill)

The secret of a huge flame that comes out of the pocket lighter, a gift from Felix and Delhi shall remain secret. But an impatient superspy immediately checks gift, just get it in your hands. Where did wire coming out of the sleeve until the agent lighters?

Kinolyapy number 17 «Golden Eye» (GoldenEye)

Only things on the bridge there was nothing, when suddenly out of nowhere in the middle of the frame there are two trucks ...

Kinolyapy number 18 "Tomorrow Never Dies» (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Bond jumped out of the plane in the water with two cylinders of oxygen behind. Moreover, in the first shot, they were located at a distance from each other. Nyarnuv into the water, James apparently decided hastily repack the backpack, because the frame number two we see them already connected. Sleight of hand and no fraud!

Kinolyapy number 19 "World Is Not Enough» (World is Not Enough, The)

Attacking an enemy torpedo boat, Bond has shown a knack of this magician. For the first time, firing a torpedo, the agent makes the second shot ... it is. The torpedo-boomerang?

Kinolyapy number 20 "Die Another Day, but not now» (Die Another Day)

Mimicry guns, pistols chameleon. In Jinks gun was silver, and a moment later turned black.

Kinolyapy number 21 «Casino Royale» Casino Royale

Film crew of "James Bond" does not pass the case to light up in the frame. While Bond is a charming girl, the film crew goes after Bond. Ah, the agent for you tail!

I could not ignore the male half of humanity, so that - meet) the 10 best (and most beautiful) Bond girls according to the newspaper Time`s (to be honest, I was surprised by the position 9)

1. Eva Green as the Vesper Lynd in "Casino & quot; Royal & quot; », 2006

An unforgettable heroine Eva Green made a refinement of the image and character of the next Bond girl. In the film, she has long fought for the right to keep his clothes, especially in the scene where she and Bond hug in the shower. This scene has become a tender moment throughout the tape. Linda's death at the end of the film becomes a shock for the hero. Losing Lind determines the ratio of the spy to his work, myself and other women, whom he meets on the way.

2. Ursula Anders as the Honey Ryder in "Dr. No", 1962

In a year when Stanley Kubrick released his controversial film "Lolita," "Dr. No" brought to the screen an alternative ideal of femininity and sexuality, which was Marilyn Monroe in the 50s. Once invented the contraceptive pill and the sexual revolution was in full swing in Britain. Appears on the screen Honey Rider in a frank (at the time) white bikini with two shells in hand, she sends her sharp knife on Bond (who performed Sean Conery) when he suddenly emerges from the shadows. Biologist seascape, which independently studied on the books of his father, Bond says that he has had to kill. Honey Ryder was the personification of power, which is respected and dare not break.

3. Maude Adams as the Oktopussi in "Oktopussi" 1983

Maud Adams - the only woman who plays Bond's two friends, exudes style and charisma. She refuses the role of leader of a female gang, and evil intentions to help Bond. Adams, a former Miss Sweden, talks about her character: "I love this role because it was just the opposite Andre from the movie" The Man with the Golden Gun. " The audience also attracted by the fact that the clothes of the heroine rarely consists of something more than two pieces of fabric.

4. Famke clear like Xenia Onatopp from the movie "Golden Eye", 1995

After six years of absence from movie screens Bond, whose image embodies Pierce Brosnan, is back in the turbulent nineties in the hugely successful film "Golden Eye". Language Film sharp and full of irony. The film, which was a mockery of itself, Onatopp - it is literally a fatal woman who received sexual pleasure, knocking the life out of their prey with powerful thighs. A chance meeting Onatopp Bond and the sauna is at once absurd and excellent, and the Russian accent Famke - meaningless as character she plays.

5. Diana Rigg as the Countess Teresa "Tracy" di Vincenzo in the film "On Her Majesty's Service" 1969

The only woman who is worthy to be the wife of James Bond, was the magical, unusual and unpredictable Tracy, vivid image which eclipsed even the main character. Diana Rigg describes his character as "a mixed girl who seems to suffer from the effects of the negativnyeh secular education." At the beginning of the movie Bond rescues her from suicide, it is not surprising that the girl was immediately interested in him. Tracy beautiful, intelligent, rich, cool and resolute. Sure, it's the perfect wife for superspy.

6. Honore Blackman as the Pussy Galore in the movie "Goldfinger", 1964

Blackman was a brilliant choice for the role of Bond girl. All attempts to uncover the insidious plan agent Goldfinger are in vain, until he meets and seduces Pussy Galore. In general, the relationship between the characters - is a series of mutual frankly abusive, they exchange until fall into each other's arms. However, even when the Galore helps Bond and CIA to uncover the evil intentions of Goldfinger, she throws her abusive lover. Or is it the spirit of disobedience, or vice versa - the habit of subordination to men who surround her ...

7. Barbara Bach like Anya Amasova in the movie "Triple X" ("The Spy Who Loved Me»)

This film has destroyed all prejudices viewers in such a delicate matter as equality on the floor - the best Russian spy was presented to us in a candid scene. The further steps come in this episode, the more obvious it becomes that mysterious man under the pseudonym of a triple X - a woman! Roger Moore can not withstand the destructive beauty of Russian spy, even after she had at the beginning of the movie says, "I'll kill you when the mission is over».

8. Halle Berry as the Hyacinth "Jinx" Johnson in the movie "Die Another Day, but not today", 2002

Ribbon "Die Another Day, but not now» (Die Another Day) did not cause much excitement in the audience, but the staff where lovely Halle Berry coming out of the ocean in an orange bathing suit and a cutlass at his side, struck their fancy. Jinx has proven to be an ideal partner of James Bond, because of its many talents often help the hero in difficult situations. And in the final battle of the movie, we ask ourselves: could save the world 007 without his girl?

9. Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss and Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny

If a woman is a constant in the life of Mr. Bond, it is his secretary Miss Moneypenny. She played different actresses, each of which contributed a share of their own style in this role. Devotion Moneypenny Mr. Bond can not destroy any of his habits Lovelace, nor a killer coolness and indifference. It may be dangerous not evil, but the razor-sharp word.

10. Grace Jones as May Day in "View and murder", 1985

Femme Fatale, which highlighted its radiance each frame pictures appeared in the series "View to a Kill," 1985 ... Bond Roger Moore could only contemplate with horror as she desperately fights, sacrificing himself for the sake of the lives of others. Image May Day embodies the sinister sexy Mrs. Jones with real English humor of the film. She was one of the few "combat friends" Bond, who joined the camp of the elusive spy. After filming the actress admitted that she enjoyed working with Roger Moore, and a love scene was "excellent."


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