A British engineer is sure that the pyramids were built from the inside out

British engineer Peter James, who is known as Indiana James, amazed archaeologists, when he put forward his theory about the emergence of the Egyptian pyramids. James argues that the theory, which adhere to experts, is wrong. The engineer says that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids not from the outside in, and Vice versa.

Shocking theory throws doubt on the version that hundreds of years adhered to the scientific world. The engineer says that this hypothesis is more like a fantastic story, and denied her basic calculations. With their help James had proved that the movement of large boulders, the length of the ramp had to be more than 400 meters, but in this case we would have to get the right angle for lifting bricks on a considerable height.
Indiana James, who spent the last twenty years studying the pyramids, said he wanted to seriously disprove the theory of the archaeologists about the construction of the pyramids and ready to debate.

Structural engineer James and his team work in the company, Cintec International, the headquarters of which is located in Newport, South Wales. The company is a global leader in the field of restoration of old monuments. James has provided assistance to strengthen the burial chamber in the 4600 year old step pyramid and the red pyramid. Exploring the step pyramid in Egypt, the engineer and his team have discovered that a massive tonnage of small stones held thousands of years of palm trunks.

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