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On August 3, the news appeared in the media about the continuation of the story about the agent Born, rather, about his successor - Aaron Cross. Universal Studios is going to make another series about the fearless agent, suggesting that it will be a hit of. A couple of days earlier, on August 1 Russian screens came the continuation of the comedy thriller "Red 2" spy retirement age and it showed quite good results at the box office in the first weekend. Stories about secret agents and spies are incredibly popular around the world, and the actors who embody their images on the screen are stored permanently. I bring to your attention the list of the most famous spy movie of our time.

1. And if the thought of the Jason Bourne, and let them continue. So, Jason Bourne. Former CIA agent, a side effect of the "Tredstoun" has a quick reaction, the absolute intuition, skills, unarmed combat, is fluent in arms, knows foreign languages. Of the benefits - a conscience he could not withdrawn drugs, and therefore it becomes an unwanted person for his office. Of the minuses - suffering partial loss of memory, which is recovering bit by bit and tightens us, the audience into the world of puzzles. Another minus - a promising bachelor can not say! It is certainly not a womanizer, but he was married and a couple of times ... "successful" out of the shackles of marriage due to the fact that his wife killed by his enemies.
Jason Bourne was born thanks to the writer Robert Landlemu. And if you count his birth year, the year of release of the first book - 1980, now Born to be about 33 years. But in the books of another birth date of the decree - September 13, 1970.
By the way, if you think the first time appeared on the screen with a face Bourne Matt Damon - You are mistaken. The first film adaptation of the history of Bourne was released in 1988, and then played the role of spy Richard Chamberlain. The film "The Secret of The Bourne identity" was a success, but continued, alas, has not been removed because of the high competition from espionage brother (just then passed Bornu way Mr. Bond, collecting the main offices of cinemas). As for the plot - to retell it makes no sense if you've seen a more modern version of the story - "The Bourne Identity."

Yet the most famous Born of our time - this is the one played by Matt Damon. In my opinion I played great. Because spy had turned out quite human, with prominent advantages and disadvantages. That is why, remain hopeful, together with other fans Bourne, Mr. Damon will return to the series. And this is possible only if the director is Paul Greengrass (although I think that a fee will also play an important role).

Finally, Aaron Cross. He appeared in the fourth part of the franchise, as another agent of the program "Tredstoun." In the movie it is embodied through Jeremy Renner. So far released only one part of his participation - "The Bourne Legacy", but, as I wrote above, Universal has launched a project to develop the next series. For the development of the story and the script was invited by Anthony Peckham, who previously wrote the story for "The Book of Eli" and "Sherlock Holmes" Guy Ritchie. Let's hope for an interesting sequel.

2. Nevertheless, probably the most famous and most modern kinosnimaemym agent is Sir James Bond. Commander Royal Navy, Special Agent MI6 agent 007. Frankly, to me is still a mystery how the United States became popular story about the British agent? I repeat - about the British !!! Whoever does not understand - it's the same as we have to make a movie about the intelligence agent Uzbekistan and hope that this movie will bring a decent cash. But then ... James Bond. Pros - accustomed to act, and then to think (and this is a plus for the audience, considering that his enemies first, ranting, and then later beat), a washed-adventurer and womanizer. Cons - again a womanizer (especially for those who want him to marry), an alcoholic and a gambler.
Let me not bother you and also a description of each actor who played that character. Simply list.
The first adaptation of stories about the Bond was in an episode of the American TV series "Culmination" and then, in 1954, in the role of Bond Barry Nelson made.
Sean Connery in the role of Bond vzhivshis in 1962, played it for 9 years. And I counted 9 series with his participation (if you made a mistake, I'm sorry).
George Lazenby played Bond only once, in 1969, and more to this hero never returned, having quarreled with the director of the series.
Roger Moore became the oldest Bond, and played it from 1973 to 1985.
Timothy Dalton played the spy of the British Intelligence from 1987 to 1989.
Pierce Brosnan, the most glamorous Bond reigned in this role from 1995 to 2002.

Daniel Craig, the highest paid and cash Bond of all time in this role from 2006 to the present day.
Frankly, she watched a series of Bond with Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Both are good! And more good news is that the creators of the successful, in spite of all the modern things and gadgets for shooting a movie, to maintain an atmosphere of Bond.

3. Ethan Hunt - an American spy, a CIA agent. Pros - true to himself and his company, has a sense of humor and style seksapilen (thanks to Tom Cruise). Cons - unlike their English counterparts almost indifferent to women, the job - especially! Able to disguise fun for 10 minutes to create a rubber face and changing the tone of voice.

Throughout the movie series, Agent Hunt played by Tom Cruise. Although he did not come easily. I remember at some 200 year ... I read the news that the actor literally teeth tore the producers agreed on its participation in the sequel. The producers appealed the fact that Tom, alas, no longer young, and may not be able to perform super stunts. Cruise back muscles pumped up and proved that he was at least somewhere. And then he became a producer of films about Ethan Hunt. By the way, according to rumors, the next year will be released next, 5 of the "Mission Impossible".

4. On 1 August at the Russian screens the film came out a second series of spy retirement age "Red 2". Let me also mention them in the top most-most. Because, first of all, this movie has collected a great actor, even in age. And secondly, because the former spy does not happen, as, indeed, and good actors (this remark at first). So, Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis, kind of like a retired CIA agent. Residence address - Cleveland, Ohio. Entertainment - long conversations with an employee pension fund. Plus - do not make allowances for age, power is knowledge and experience abound! Cons - quite modest compared to other spies. Humor and irony - the distinctive features of the "Red" and "Red 2". If you have not seen these movies - look sure to enjoy the fun and sneers from Bruce Uillesa and madness of John Malkovich and Helen Mirren of elegance.

5. And finally, Max Otto von Stirlitz, alias Maxim Isaev. I think it is not worth writing about who he is, where he is, why and how. Pros and cons of dismantling and ashamed. He just ours, even if only we know, dear, date and still unbeaten. No comments.

Whatever it was, I think that movies about spies will always be popular. Because embody all that is in our real life there - adventure, adventurous, invincibility and the triumph of good over evil. And no matter what real life is not like a spy cinematic - we believe only what we see!


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