C-25 "Berkut" part1 is 60 pics + text

If during pokatushek on the far suburbs peek into Wikimapia - you can find a lot of interesting places right under your nose. And if you download the places this very Wikimapia cache program SAS Planet, lay them on top of a layer of satellite imagery Yandex mixed with the maps of the same Yandex, connected to all the case GPS antenku and netbook, which set this whole trahomudiya fix on the dashboard in front navigator seat - get pretty amusing contraption, does not allow to get bored looking at the road and the monotony of a long ride without stopping.

 - Gee, 7 kilometers will be the position of the C-25 ...
 - How do you know? Well you finally sleeping, And the layer with wiki sites is not loaded.
 - And I did not have to wiki space. When the C-25 built - on elkah decided to save money, is now looking at satellite images of the feeling that some kind of cartoon cat fish skeletons scattered in the Moscow region, wickedly giggling, grinning and licking on the picture Luzhkov.
 - Come'll pick on the "look", suddenly there cho interesting ...
 - Come on ...

wikimapia.org/#lang=ru&lat=56.44152...193871&z=14&m=b… Honestly at the positions themselves interesting enough. All overgrown with weeds, rusted, sawed chermetchikami, carried off the locals. Total devastation. In some places across the dull concrete buildings ...







Someone brought a little bit on the high ground-mesh masks and a brazier. Even vodka left in the cup ...


Remedies long been looted and sold = (

Around the corner near the entrance to a small bunkerok Roma gutted portfolio with the strategic importance of the documents stolen from an officer. No money, no phone or other material assets Roma has not been found, a briefcase and papers were left as unnecessary.
Documents of strategic importance were chosen spies. Rooms briefcase was left as unnecessary.

Sausage fire in one of the hangars for storage of rockets, we went in search of the RTC, which was next to ... wikimapia.org/#lang=ru&lat=56.42368...211208&z=14&m=b Entry into the territory of the RTC was blocked Aboriginal gazelle - a sign that there may steal only they and no one else. Hiding the car at a safe distance, we went to the pathetic territory through symbolic PPC

Looking at the vast territory, which could be (it is necessary to give a shit as a thread inside the gazelle for the inconvenience) to call the car we walked between the buildings ...





And here is the hit '80s architecture - building painted in khaki! This was done to enemy spies, watching the object from a distance we took over the building of a sample of a secret super armor. About a house on wheels all heard? But about the house on tracks heard only Western military analysts, reading reports from the frantic climax total fucking spy!

And here's another one hit the interior design - the plastic tile, nailed to the walls of two hundred nails. This innovative at the time design course called dekadensnaya cladding.

It should be noted that the buildings plundered almost at zero. Sverhzhadnye natives torn even floors (gee-gee) board


But the tattered wallpaper can read Soviet newspapers over breakfast ...

Suddenly in the distance seemed toothless VSH

A side by side and the entrance to bunkerok ...

We go into the hopper. And what do we see first? Vaaa, yes the same wall work

Next we see glamorous "stone" wall covering - a certificate of stay in the bunker on the military service of the lower Masons.


Well, there are all sorts of facilities, and the remnants of former luxury looters





Here are the poor in the military received their meager salaries. Or weapons and ammunition to kill, loot and thus produce all kinds of necessary means of life, food and hygiene are always no money.

And the housekeeper stole caretaker and for some reason put here

And this is - the Soviet din-rail, all DIN-rail din rail!


Oh, out ... Come on, we still early ...

And here is the safe, which contained a portfolio with strategically important documents, which took an officer who was later executed for that portfolio was stolen Roma, who were then shot by Western spies for having seen the documents of strategic importance, which are now the CIA, which for all of us watching ...

Here nychka rocket fuel that disguised landfill

Well, warehouses ... Surprisingly I did a little bit livelier Soviet avionics ZIPom ...






Again exit ...

Reserve entrance looks like


49. Next, we decided to call in a military town. Honestly look there's not much to it: instead of asphalt - concrete slabs, the residential sector is privatized, the economic sector plundered so that already broke ... only what you can see - it's a monument to a rocket, but a monumental stone plate and the history of the evolution of HF ... wikimapia.org/#lang=ru&lat=56.42657...190523&z=14&m=b



And at the end of the promenade, we looked at the position of the C-125, located near ... wikimapia.org/#lang=ru&lat=56.45333...170868&z=14&m=b That did not even see in the movie, although there are still potsy work ... Karoche object turned into a dump ... ...




But I met another mega idea in the field of construction ... Meet, ALKOSTROY: Now imagine advertising in newspapers ...
Innovative construction holding "Alkostroy" presents you with a new type of building material - alkobloki. Alkoblok manufactured by the same technology as cinder block, except that air instead of the block are filled glass bottles of beverages that are not received at the reception point glass. This building material not only accelerate the process of the construction of buildings, but also will give your home a unique ambiance and can serve as the beginning of a new direction in the architecture: Alco-Baroque or alco-po-ko-ko. Call the numbers listed below.

But a typical firing point on the background of a typical already "seashells" missile


Anturazhnenky bunkerok entrance to the silk-screen labels (not related to Enigma!)

And the back door at this very bunkerok. This is probably all. Today is Christmas, with Esuzom revived my LJ, I hope the next post will be long before Easter.
To be continued ...



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