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Christina Aguilera knows how to surprise! How loud phrases were thrown on how well is plump, - so she threw kilograms. Apparently the singer telling the whole story, because on July 27 «Summer Television Critics Association Tour» she appeared not that crumpets what it was before. Azzedine Alaia dress fitting pale pink successfully focused attention on the star's body thinner and light make-up, bronze tan and a simple hairstyle like a rejuvenated her another couple of years. The three-stage weight loss system works in most cases, and who else but Christina could say "yes, I did it!" Look in this collection.

Christina Aguilera:

Despite their potential, many celebrities are struggling with excess weight is a life-and-death. For example, Oprah Winfrey, who early in his career was an unknown broadcaster "in the body", has become a media mogul fit. By thinness she has not sought, because the main motivation for getting rid of extra pounds acted health. In his youth, Oprah had thyroid problems and ate junk food, and where there was an ugly figure on the scales at 90 kg. Later she realized what the mistake and began to take the initiative. Eradicate the disease and started to eat, she set her ideal weight - 70 kg.

Oprah Winfrey:

"Dancing with the Stars" great impact on Kirstie Alley. Having seen on slender professional dancer, actress lost weight several sizes at once. Now her goal - zero, but I do not think that at age 62 she is so tense and torment yourself diets. Better still dance and finally quit smoking (if not invented, it would help ...).

Kirstie Alley:

Throughout his life, Janet Jackson and only does it lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight and gain weight again. All his weight fluctuations and struggles with herself, she described in the book of tips, "present you how to find and love yourself." At the end you can read that to achieve form her diet helped NutriSistema sport and exercise, without which, according to Janet, anywhere.

Janet Jackson:

"My body - not the body of a supermodel. I am a simple woman who is looking for the best weight for yourself »
Jessica Simpson:

There was a time when pop princess showed off what does 1000 sit-ups a day, it was a time when she did not do anything, but now is the time when Britney back in the cage and then go to the gym. Her achievements in this field can not be ignored: of course, Spears is not the same 20-year-old girl, hot dances on the stage, but the new album is coming, so the return is not far off!

Britney Spears:

The trend is: 25 stars to get fat, 30 are taken for itself. Kelly Clarkson, which in 2002 could be called seductive beauty, somehow blown by the 2009th. No tears on her figure, she could not watch, so before the wedding in 2013, kicked off 14 kilograms.

"Sometimes I eat more, sometimes - less. My weight, no matter what efforts I will make will always vary. And if people keep talking about my weight, the problem is not weight, but the people. I do not know what is wrong with them, but they should be interested in creative artist rather than his figure »
Kelly Clarkson:

"I do not pay attention to your weight, I watch how I feel in the clothes. If comfortable, then I am happy, if not - then immediately I sit down on a diet. I do not care what others think. I - the person and I take care of myself »
Jennifer Love Hewitt:

Weighted Mariah Carey immediately affected by two factors - age and pregnant with twins, and then boom, she ran to a personal nutritionist Jenny Craig. That helped her to lose weight by 13 kilograms.

"At that time I felt that my body - a trap. I could not move normally and only then realized that diet and exercise - my salvation. I am proud of how hard she worked to get a body »
Mariah Carey:


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