Is it possible to "knock out" themselves to their own fist?
Anyone who watched the boxing match and saw strong boxers beat each other for 12 rounds, knows that knock someone is not so easy - not to mention the fact, to cut down himself. But does this mean that it is impossible? I called my friend William Mulcahy, who is not only a specialist in insurance mathematics (and therefore an expert in probability), but also the wise man of all the people I know. More may be added that his thinking outside the box, so it's possible to get an answer on such an unusual question. "Theoretically it is possible. But this is unlikely to happen in reality.

Let me explain. Man is very difficult, but at the same time - very simple. Mankind quickly disappear if we did not have basic reflexes that protect us from hurting ourselves. Um, excuse me, you have not heard about suicide? "This is quite different: it deliberately." Same thing and give yourself in the eye! "No, since this is necessary to overcome the reflex that protects you from hurting yourself. Intelligence can win the survival instinct, but you can not beat reflexes. For example, if you lean forward and begin to fall, fall, do not put his hands forward, is almost impossible.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to explain. During World War II, British spies caught by the Germans, often took a cyanide pill and died. Their intelligence told them that it was better to die well than to be tortured to death. However, those spies who had no pills, or it was not possible to accept them, had to find other ways to kill yourself. Some have tried to hold my breath, but that's what actually happened: they can hold their breath long enough to pass out, but then began to breathe reflexively. So, what I'm trying to say is that these reflexes cheat is almost impossible, and therefore virtually impossible to "cut down" himself as his own fist - even if you try to do this stupid thing, nothing happens. If you succeed and overcome your instinct of self-preservation, to hit himself, but to overcome the reflex, which protects you from getting the pain just will not succeed.

From my point of view, instinct and reflex are closely related, and prevent you from doing so. Of course, you can always use for this purpose the wall, ask someone to hit you, etc. But you said that this is possible - although it is almost impossible. So under what circumstances, after all, possible to "knock out" themselves? "For example, a person who does not know that he has a very thin skull bones, and he is trying to" knock out "the blows himself. He can be very lucky, because - he will not know that he did not need to hit too hard. In other words, broken instinct that protects from getting damage, reflex, that we talked about, will not try to significantly reduce the force of impact. But my opinion is that this can only happen because of some mistakes. " Will drinking in these conditions? "Of course - although the chances to swipe themselves in the face to fall sharply due to the amount of alcohol required, after which you would like to do it." As I said, the clever old William.


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