Technology and Happiness

Is it possible in our time to live without technological devices - at home called "gadgets" - and stay happy?

Director Dmitry Vasiukov argues that yes, because with such people he knew firsthand. About documentary filmmaker took them 4-part film « Happy people. Yenisei », continuing the cycle of 2 serial" Pomorie ».

To say that "happy people" live very much in the Stone Age, it is impossible. Of course, the technique is easier - this boat motors, and snowmobiles and chainsaws.

However, in the film there is no small addition copyright:
«To the technique for complex here - on the one hand respect, on the other - it depends on hunters do not want to. After all, any machinery breaks down, in need of repair, spare parts. You can, of course, the book ... but that's only when they come, these parts! Not earlier than after 3-4 months. Therefore, the main tool is still ax. Ax in the forest is always at hand ». I>

«When I learned - the director says - that the fishing grounds of its size (1000 sq km) compared with the area of ​​the huge metropolis, I am reasonable, I thought, asked - why the hunters do not use GPS? Would not it be convenient to score in his coordinates of all the pitfalls and traps in the forest! The answer was short: "do not want to get used to!" And it's true - when you consider that the instrument can lose or forget the batteries in extremely cold quickly sit down and have nowhere to charge them - then the hunter is even possible to understand ». I >

In the movie "Pomorie" in an episode of the inhabitants of a remote village Moseeva situated on the river Pesa, talk about high technology still is.

«The fact i>, - we hear the voiceover of the author, - that these remote places are on the flight path of rockets from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. As set speed spent rocket stages fall down on the ground around the northeast of Pomerania. I>

And the locals they then pick up again and start up in business. Different parts of rockets and go to different needs: sled, boxes, trailers for snowmobiles. But the greatest demand is for tanks of fuel, then the metal smooth and thinner. From these tanks make the boats. In the 60s, when there were many start-ups, in the county fell as many missiles that Moseeva amassing even entire team for their search and collection. Now missiles fly less frequently, at the end of the metal, and take this opportunity to ask the men moseevskie convey to the Government its concern for the space industry! » I>

However, the heroes of the tape to live in the absence of high technology proved in many ways easier than to remove the director about the life of his films. Vasiukov today in preparation for the production of the new film - now the "happy people" Altai - shared some "secrets" from the accumulated experience of shooting.

«The main paradox of technology creation of such films - says the director about the shooting on the Yenisei - it just antitehnologichnost in terms of contemporary filmmaking. Our small crew (I statement) was well aware that to strangers, and even with the camera in the outback cautious attitude. To make a film, there to live and work - without that full confidence in you will not. So we bought in Bakht house in which lived a whole year: chopped wood, went to fetch water, extracted burbot and soon began to locals for its people ». I>

There were, of course, purely technical difficulties, which at every step had to face, removing the harsh nature.

«We shot for two" Sonya "170 and Z-1, paneled mini dv. Froze the tape, and we kept the camera on a sledge in a canvas tent, where smoldering gasoline lamp, and instead of 45 degrees outside inside was still warmer than 25. I>

In this house we moved on sleds in the winter all the techniques. There's also carried with it and the generator. I>

When writing long "synchronous" and even put a little light, generator attributed 50 meters from the hut, dug for him in the snow den, then top cartons covered with spruce branches and snow and threw to engine noise does not interfere with the sound recording. "< / i>

Not less problems the band had with underwater photography.

«Under the ice we were shooting in April, when the ice is still thick, but the sun was already high and warm. We had a "wet" 8mm wetsuit, tank and compressor. Put on ice tent inside - burner that warmed in a bucket of water. I>

operator, Alex Matveev, dressed, and we through fishing Lane puts it on the ropes under the ice. Then I asked our heroes do all manipulations with nets and fish that can be removed from the ice. I>

I wish a lot of good shots were rejected due to the fact that the frame "climbed" bubbles facing the outside of the aqualung. Alexis had to pull out every 6-8 minutes.
A bucket of hot water was poured over his gate in a wetsuit and allowed to drink 100 grams of & ki, and he climbed into ice (about + 4) water shoot the next image. These are high-tech. I>

But, by the way, in the summer to shoot under water was also not easy. The biggest problem turned out, oddly enough, the mosquitoes. Understood this immediately. Insert the camera (the same "Sonya" 170 only without the handle) in the underwater housing, filmed, watched material - and in the foreground against a background of floating fish flies crawling! It was found that while the camera is placed in the box, there is stuffed a huge amount of mosquitoes. How to get rid of it, if there are no premises, where it did not exist? Solution found this: sit in a boat, were dispersed on the motor, to insects blown away by the wind, and at that moment the camera shoved in a box & quot;. I>

Shoot animals, especially fish is always very difficult. Western movie studios spend on such shooting wildlife huge amounts of money and time. And the technical equipment is quite another. Still, the group Vasjukova something failed.

«Taimen - a very rare and beautiful Siberian big fish. It and find something difficult, not to mention the fact, to remove at will under water. But local fishermen - people who know. Said that in the heat of sea trout, as coldwater fish, gather at the confluence of the river in mountain streams of ice water. There we found them. But how to remove, because float away! We blocked the creek dam of stones, and when was a large dam, caught in the river i>

a few trout and launched them into this dam together with the operator. The viewer was a feeling that the fish in the wild. Themselves as sea trout, being in their midst with our operator, it is absolutely not afraid and allowed even to stroke himself. I>

other fish we were shooting in the "aquarium" bonded together polutorametrovy plexiglass paintings. I>

We are entered in the water this clear cell, and the bottom of it serves as a natural river bottom. Catching different fish refers to the shooting in a cage, and then released into the wild. We are proud to say that any "artist" We have not eaten! » I>

Individual attention, of course, aerial surveys. They are the most expensive, complicated and often dangerous.

«At the Yenisey filmed with a double trike, which was brought to the village rebyata- pilots from Krasnoyarsk. Filmed with two cameras: one was fixed on the ridge system, the other powers in the hands of the operator. It soon became clear that the camera on the ridge gets strong vibration of the working motor. So they had to ask the pilot after climbing off the engine that was quite risky: not always a guarantee that the motor starts up again. In general, the glider is full of minuses. He is cumbersome to transport, requires a lot of space for takeoff and landing, it has high speed and low maneuverability. I>

Air shooting "Pomorie" we had with paraleta. I>

with him, too, had problems, the main of which is the same shaking ». I>

The new film has yet to take off, but Dmitry Vasiukov already considering how to improve the quality, given that the process will not be easy. So, in the Altai will be used RC quadrocopter, and shooting will take place paraleta camera stabilized using 4 gyroscopes.

D. Vasiukov again ready to subordinate his directorial technology tasks, driving technique in incredible conditions. Faith in the success of a new project give future viewers that support the ruble idea of ​​creating such a film. first documentary film has collected a record for kraudfandiga amount - more than 2.5 million rubles, and the project continues.



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