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Someone sees the meaning of his work in a clear and strict performance of official duties. Someone in personal enrichment. You can even finger to show who it was. If desired.
And here at the road inspector Steve Jarvis had their own completely unique vision of the meaning of their work. It was because at the moment it has been fired.
In principle, in terms of his superiors to argue hard. As a former inspector chose a rather original method of punishing offenders. I do not know whether such an action called punishment.
At first, as it should according to the instructions, Stephen wrote out fine. But then he offered saddened by the situation people are interested in a way out of the situation - he annulled their fines in exchange for a photo with him, loved. I do not know how his situation was there reporting on the forms, but hunted Road Robin Hood so within two years.
Curiously, the leadership was aware of tricks Jarvis, but the only thing against which objected strongly to the camera he used the service. Stephen without any objections began to use his. And two years of free fishing scored two hundred photographs, which show his "victim" with him and a receipt.
Now that's going to write a book based on incidents during service. Curiously, fired him for some completely different kind of violation. Wait. Read what it will write the inspector-writer. I would like to understand how a man with such a mentality came to the police.
And in Ukraine, it would be stupid to rot. Its the same.


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