Poor frog

What happens to the frog after her legs are used in a French restaurant?
Do you really want to know the answer to this question and you have a healthy stomach? (Please answer the second question). Contrary to what you would expect to hear, most frogs legs, who use in France, in fact, grown in other countries - such as Indonesia and India (although, India banned the export frog legs, why, I'll explain later). French only interested in their legs or, more precisely, the hips. Therefore, people who are treated frogs, simply cut off the hips sterile instruments and leave the frogs die in agony. Next hips come to France, what would the French could eat them. According to one of the representatives of the European Parliament, India has suspended exports of the frog legs. Why, because of the violence? "No" - she said, because frogs eat waterfowl insects that destroy crops. The Government of India has found that a decrease in the number of frogs, the country has become more to spend on pesticides (to kill pests that eat frogs), and this has led to it selling frogs. Now we have what we have.


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