Incorrect the actions of the women according to the Vedas

Every woman has a direct line of communication with the "divine." In our modern reality, basically, this channel is contaminated by emotional and mental experience of man, under great exposure to the world around him. A rare woman is now the channel is clean.

This channel is polluted because of the following incorrect actions of women:

1. In clothing.

A woman should dress clean and nice. But often, many of the women dressing, playing to his own lust, exposing private parts of his body. Thus they give "themselves" permission. They throw dirty looks. In contrast to the loving look, a look of lustful can strike and can penetrate the human energy field. as a consequence, a physical illness or mental. True feminine beauty will never cause a feeling of lust, it evokes feelings of fascination and admiration in any age.

2. Wrong family relationships.

If a woman "makes dirty linen in public," reveals the mystery of what is happening in the family, tells all about her husband or their children to other people, thus it opens his power, protective circle of his family. And then the voluntary or involuntary intervention of another person can affect and destroy the peace in the family.

Tell only those who really can HELP: you can consult with a mentor; you can trust the woman who has the divine grace; to trust your man if he exhibits feminine qualities (i.e. he is not tells the others trusted him).

3. You need to learn to be married. Not found.

When the woman in front, man loses a sense of pioneering. The task of women is to reveal to man his masculine qualities, help to create a harmony of will and love.

4. A woman should be able to keep their secrets.

Women don't have to give away all your secret. The secret is to be in front of his man. If a man understands the mystery of the woman, she loses interest when the man is not worth it to paint, not goes before him in a slovenly way. All the best to wear at home for her man. You can not rush to reveal their intimacy. First, everything has to Mature and the opening should be gradual. The quality of the relationship should continue to grow from the sexy to the Commonwealth.

5. The for.

The for is agony. A woman struggling with a man.

This woman makes men's movement and destroys its essence. Showing men will, woman destroys their space, she apart relationship with a loved man.

And more. Any irregular use of female power immediately affects man. Man throws it through anger and aggression... If a woman supports a man, even if he thinks he made the wrong decision, future circumstances will lead to the fact that the loss of either will not, or they will be the smallest.

6. Excessive display of female power.

That women tend? Femininity and softness. Masculinity – when a woman often capricious, often cries – that it destroys their environment, their energy field.

7. Assignment.

This right to decide for men and children. To decide and to take responsibility for that decision for themselves must be the man.

8. Gossip.

The result of gossip and rumors about others will have their own troubles. If you condemn others, he falls under the influence of the forces of evil and is bound to attract negative into your life.

9. Impure thoughts and desires.

Is manifested in the requirements of love, affection, jewelry, attention, a better fate, coming from self (ego). Must be able to understand that what we have now is a fee, which is given for the Path that You passed earlier (karmic consequences).

If You are able to uncover yourself at a higher level, you will be given more. We must learn to accept your Gift and your path. If You're happy small, You offers more. You can get only what they know how to give and give, because the attitude of the other person to You is a mirror of your relationship to him.

10. When a woman comes to a man.

Doing guy stuff, the power of a woman is opened resieved, disturbed her energy. A woman is much stronger when comes from the essence of female power – operates on the basis of love. A man in a woman I'm sure he perceives it as a solid rear.

11. When a woman takes the power into their own hands.

The daughter learns from the example of the mother and relations in the family. If the mother imperious, the daughter also shows authority.

In the boy it is necessary to educate the will and love, it must be taught to make decisions and take responsibility for them. And if the boy can explain, to teach him, and he realizes with a girl all the way. No explanation and education will not help – her only living example of his mother. Like mother – like daughter. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that children generally, and girls especially outside often exhibit the qualities that parents actually have, but hard to hide. So no need to think negative thoughts and feelings if to hide them, no one will see – children will show in their actions and words...

All the people: boys and girls, men and women, are images. Images and atmosphere. It's like brine and cucumbers: how to make a brine, these pickles will come. Where we were brought up, so we got soaked.

In General there are two types, two strategies of education. Now let's talk about girls, but, of course, boys, men, this applies to including.

She receives education in the family, and that family gives meaning to education, understanding why we live. And the family sends the girl a message.

The first strategy of raising a girl – call her Princess. This is when the girl was brought up in an atmosphere of love, gratitude, respect, and the center of the family atmosphere was and is God. The family had built a relationship with God, and therefore everything else is also to develop harmoniously.

And another strategy we call the Frog. From generation to generation in families are passed, the vices, grievances, complaints, criticisms. In the house oppressive atmosphere. It is customary to emphasize the shortcomings. The main message comes from the top down, especially when it is emphasized authoritarian parents know better as you have. And the main feeling that prevails in these families is jealousy. Envy is manifested complexes: a superiority complex and an inferiority complex.

We it is quite absorbed, but the most disgusting is that now we do the same thing. Frog has learned to croak and croak now. And Frogs are raising Frogs. Princess Frogs are not brought up. Frogs are totally self-absorbed. It's called selfishness. It is important to understand how this jealousy is poisoning our lives.

While our task is not to tell "horror, as parents brought up me". It is important to remember that we came here not just. We came into this world with mathematical precision, right that day, at that hour, in that family, and in the other we could not enter because it is our perception of happiness is our sense of love, and that is the lesson we should take and learn. And so we did not get offended, on the contrary, we strongly thank the parents actually let us into this world. If not for them, I would not have let in.

Therefore, gratitude is the main feeling that opens up all other relationships.

If you have no gratitude to your parents, forget about privacy, forget about the health of children. We must show gratitude to those who led us.

So if I was raised that way and if I came back and to those parents, who now have to change? I can do it. Only I. And nobody else is responsible for this event.

How do parents convey this message? The message that becomes the vital, life sense, goes into the subconscious as the taste of life. The taste is transmitted to a lesser degree words – words convey only part of the information. Basic information is transmitted non-verbal – in the form of intonation, gestures, attitudes.

There are three main messages three types of frog behavior:

1. Message, or "croaking", "I'm OK you're not OK".

So, the child is the message that you are bad. The parents are nice or that all have children as children, and then... Brought up so that you all the time at the bottom. Parents know better how you have highlighted the authoritarian, because parents are always right. It is the parents or someone made it seem, and now a woman shows that I was all right, but with you... "You look well, who else does". Or send the lectures to mind-reason learned, or just write a quote and email to send them, saying that "all is clear with you."

2. Message, or "croaking", "are You OK, I OK".

The situation when a woman is sad, in a state of grief. State when it's all inside Soukouna.

Do you think near the kind of woman to live? Impossible, because there is no place, there is no fresh air. Near it impossible to breathe. The main mood of all of these frogs: "I was offended, and now I'm showing it".

3. Message, or "croaking" when "no I'm not OK, no you're not OK".

This pre-depression, when the whole world is terrible.

The main thing that should make the Frog to jump in the Princess is to develop a sense of gratitude. By itself, the woman lives in a state of deficit.

A man should take care of the sense of security women. Security can be of three types: physical, or financial, safety, security, and the third is the safety of her mind. The female mind is very restless. Make the decision for her is the whole problem. Inside of her keeps telling all and torn, for men it is just removal of the brain. And the woman is always right, you know why? Because she's considered all options.

A man is very important to learn to calm the woman, just listening to her. For men it is austerity. And not to give any comments. A man should give his wife shelter.

Interestingly, when a woman talk, she'll cool off and say "actually everything is fine." But if to silence her in mid-sentence, will have even more problems. She can't stop in mid-sentence and will return to this problem again and again. Woman need to support to the point of absurdity, and then at this moment something in the woman will switch and she will think, cool down and calm down. She "Wikipedias", and she just needs like a pressure cooker to help steam release. And that's all.

It is also important to remember that the woman is a social being, the woman is woven from the relationship. A woman without a relationship and communication can not live. If she is sick, she needs to talk, if it is good, too, needs to communicate. But once the woman put in the apartment and she sits there alone, it's a disaster. Even when a woman is offended and not talking, she's not talking, for all to see. Everyone should understand, what could be better. It is said that to raise one child it takes a village. And for women it is very important that her emotions have all seen.

Also very necessary for women to learn to speak. The refined speech is the most important penance for girls. Speech she will establish a relationship with her husband, mother, and children. A large part (2/3) should be directed to the glorification and gratitude.

It is said that on the tip of my tongue who knows how to praise, lives the goddess of fortune Lakshmi. And all thriving just because a woman begins to praise. When you know how to praise sincerely, without hypocrisy, and just to see and voice the good side of the interlocutor, while the Goddess of prosperity comes into your life.

If your home has taken notice flaws and talk about them to emphasize imperfections and mistakes, and there dwells the God of death, Yamaraja. And it leads to destruction of the relationship dies, heat dies, everything dies just from the fact that selects the criticism of imperfection.

The woman sets the tone in the house. The atmosphere in the family creates the woman's mind.

In order to the woman developed the best of everything, that is love – love of self, love of spouse, the first thing she needs is to feel your connection with the Source of love.

In order to remain a Frog, you need to stay in a sense of deficiency. Frogs call and croak, croak and require. If you demand something, then you don't deserve this.

We came here to bring more happiness and kindness, but not to enjoy. And no one else we are not obliged to do.

Until then, until we learn to glorify, to control the mind, to say something worthy, not something bad, nothing will change. But as soon as we start, there will be inner space, and inner freedom of choice.

The feeling of ingratitude skukozhivaetsya space. Keep a gratitude journal and make notes. Please start to practice it every evening.


Author: Marina Talakova



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